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The Review Stands Alone: Alberto Del Rio vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE 12/19/15)

Thanks to technology in 2015, here in Vancouver, Canada, I am able to watch a WWE house show match from last night and review it. Especially in this case being crucial, I figured I must jot down thoughts about this matchup. Alberto Del Rio faces Brock Lesnar, defending his United States Championship in the process as this is also a first time ever match. This show never sold-out, and there was free food and drink handed out to those that bought tickets in the first place. With that being said, here’s the Christmas chaos in its detailed entirety.

WWE Live Holiday Tour

December 19, 2015 

The Forum

Inglewood, CA

(WWE United States Championship) Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman)**1/2

These guys did not go long whatsoever, but it is still worth checking out due to the ridiculous spectacle going on. On a Christmas set, with smoke pyro, Brock emerges with Heyman. Alberto got the fine-lined house show pop where it’s hard to tell who’s a hardcore fan and who’s a fan — with both either rejecting the return thus far (heelish heat or due to the fact he’s sucked) or the heavy L.A. Latino audience that enjoy seeing one of their own back in gear with the United States Championship to boot.

A simple match it was, but it was the spectacle combined with the pacing that put it into full gear for those few minutes. A realistic ‘shoot fight’ approach was taken from the start, with beatings to the ribs and grinding across the ropes in-play for struggle. When Del Rio got his first advantage, he used it to his fullest; tearing at Brock’s arm to wrap him up in the first cross armbreaker. Brock powered out of it. He suplexed Del Rio like he did Kofi in Japan or Bo on RAW; like a damn ragdoll. However, Del Rio managed to lock-in that armbreaker two more times. Brock powered out of it again and again. More suplexes, two powerbomb counters. The man is unstoppable.

Del Rio actually working was comical and relieving, as finally he was facing a man above him in the ‘power’ oriented food chain. He had to do his best, otherwise there would be an awkward barrier between his performance and Brock’s opinion on him. Even if it was just a few minutes along, your guess is right that it was one of his better all around performances thus far in his WWE run; because after all…he was facing Brock.

The time came where Del Rio pulled out all he could to fend off the beast for the small duration. He even got hit over the ropes as a counter to the last hugged-on cross armbreaker. Del Rio managed to navigate his way around the F5 imposed on him, with the crowd going ballistic, but a certain member of the club was here to save the day and save his title. Rusev is here before Del Rio got squashed anymore. Rusev hit Lesnar with the jumping side kick before the F5 was hit. You don’t piss the Brock off. Rusev got taken to Suplex City, as well as given an F5 of his own; something Brock never did to Del Rio over the course of the match. Del Rio also never made Lesnar tap.

A solid attraction match in which everyone played their part, and a story that was told in short time. Del Rio is still the U.S. Champ, yet only thanks to his fellow stable member and former champ Rusev. Brock still managed to dominate the stable, but not in a way in which a title can be won.

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