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The Review Stands Alone: Akebono, Milianito Collection AT & Brazo De Plata vs. NOSAWA, MAZADA & Bear Fukuda (7/11/12)

Tokyo, Japan 
Korakuen Hall 
1,653 Fans
Eleventh Of July 2012

Brazo De Bono (Akebono, Milianito Collection AT & Brazo De Plata) vs. NOSAWA, MAZADA & Bear Fukuda

Brazo De Bono all come out together with half naked Japanese women dancing with them. Akebono and Brazo De Plata are wearing the most generic lucha masks and dancing! AKEBONO IS DANCING WITH BRAZO DE PLATA! LIFE HAS PEAKED. Brazo De Plata looks so happy to be in Japan, I think he likes Japanese women. NOSAWA was telling the ref that Brazo De Bono was Akebono! How dare he say that. Bono did a 500 LB opening lucha sequence that ended with him teasing a dive! NOSAWA slapped Bono on the face which made him unmask and it’s none other than the former Triple Crown Champion Akebono, I was in shock. Akebono seemed distraught that he unmasked so he tagged in Brazo De Plata. The crowd loves to chant “Super Porky” which is the name he used mostly in Japan. Gurentai (NOSAWA and MAZADA) made Brazo De Plata cry because they were slapping him, Korakuen did not like seeing Plata upset. Fukuda, MAZADA, NOSAWA and Milianito did some nice lucha spots. Milianito is Tsutomu Oosugi from Big Japan and Michinoku Pro.

Akebono seemed to be pissed at Fukuda trying to take him down so Akebono just went strong style on Bear’s ass and squashed him into the canvas. Milianito did a Bronco Buster to all three of his opponents followed by Porky doing the same and then Akebono attempted a Bronco Buster but everyone moved out of the way. Brazo De Plata was about to get whipped into Milianito but he broke NOSAWA’s grip and walked over to Milianito and told him to leapfrog over him when he gets whipped and … YES he did just that! It was hilarious. NOSAWA and MAZADA just went along with it. Then they tried it but messed it up because they both did a leapfrog and bumped into one another! Great comedy from a 49 year old Brazo De Plata. So Brazo De Bono stood side by side in the middle of the ring begging Gurentai and Fukuda to run at them. You know the typical puroresu spot where guys just shoulder block each other? Well Bono and Brazo weren’t knocked down but Milianito definitely was by Fukuda. Brazo and Bono didn’t like this so they slapped poor Milianito! At that moment I was in tears.

I am not making this up. Brazo De Plata did a tope suicida. Yes that happened. In 2012 SUPER FK’N PORKY did a tope suicida in Korakuen Hall while teaming with Akebono. I LOVE WRESTLING. I kid you not, Akebono dove off the apron onto everyone else on the floor! This is one of my favorite matches ever. So much entertainment. After Akebono did a dive he got into the ring and posed. Gurentai and Fukuda were laid out next to each other as Akebono was about to splash them but Milianito decided he wanted to splash their opposition. It didn’t work, they just threw him off every time. Akebono wasn’t happy with Milianito so he threw him onto the pile and splashed all four of them! Then Brazo De Plata came off the top rope with a giant splash to get the pinfall! Amazing match.

Rating: ****************************************************************************************

This was a ton of fun and it’s unbelievable this match took place. I am honestly surprised Porky was able to fly to Japan. He has to at least take up four seats. I love Japanese wrestling for moments like these.


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