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The Review Stands Alone: Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara (WWE 10/11/14)

WWE Live events are always something. Every show has some sort of special match on it, weather it be a gimmick match to pop the fans, or a unique match-up that has never been seen. Well, today I’ll be reviewing a fancam of a match never before seen on any sort of WWE TV. Matches like these are special, and that’s why I’m so thankful for fancam uploads. Let’s get into it.

(NXT Championship) Adrian Neville (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

Oh my, what a match-up on paper. Four very talented young men going to battle in what I was sure was going to be a certified hoot, and I was right.

The match started off with a bit of comedy. After Bo Dallas rolled Neville up seconds into the match, which of course failed; his three other opponents set their sights on him. Bo tried to make them forgive him by offering a handshake. When no one accepted Bo’s handshake attempt, Dallas went to kick Neville, but his foot was caught. They all passed Bo’s foot around, and when Sin Cara passed Bo’s foot to the referee, he was triple drop kicked.

Sami Zayn was taken out and we got a cool back and forth between Neville & Sin Cara, which showed off many signature moves, which popped the crowd big time. Bo tried to get involved but was knocked back out of the ring right away. Sami came in and disposed of Sin Cara & Neville, then went for a dive, but was stopped by Bo Dallas. Bo beat down Sami and then Neville when he tried to get in the ring. Dallas brought out that mean streak that I love from him, but still played to the crowd while giving a beating to Zayn. Dallas was dominating the match for a good bit of time until Neville took control. Sin Cara then got involved and we saw two back to back outside dives, first to Dallas from Sin Cara, then to Sin Cara from Neville.

Finally, all four men were back in the ring. They all tried to do their finishing moves to end the match but the pins kept being broken up. Bo went for a superplex to Zayn, but Sami knocked him off the top rope. Then, before Sami could get down; he was caught by a big kick. Neville & Sin Cara tried to double suplex Sami off the top but Bo Dallas slid in for the tower of doom spot. Bo had the upper hand on all of his opponents until they started to fight back. Everyone was going at each other at this point, leading to Sami Zayn trying a helluva kick on Neville but getting thrown out of the ring. Sin Cara followed behind Zayn after getting tossed to the outside and Bo Dallas was kicked in the head, followed by the Red Arrow, allowing Neville to pick up the win and retain his NXT Championship.

I love fancam matches, especially matches like this. We saw some comedy, some great high flying, and most importantly some great wrestling. Sami Zayn was the obvious favorite, with Neville and Sin Cara to follow, plus the fans gave Bo Dallas some good hear which fueled the fire of Bo Dallas playing to the crowd. There is nothing better than experiencing a WWE Live event, and this is exactly what you’ll get.


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