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The Man Who Deserves a WrestleMania Spot

This man has been spinning his wheels in World Wrestling Entertainment for 10 years now! You won’t believe he has been on the full time roster for 9 years. He has been given some opportunities and at one point was one of the most over talents in the company but for the last 4 years he’s run has had zero meaning. He busts his ass every night but I can’t even remember the last meaningful feud he had or even the last time he was on a pay-per-view in a decent spot (not a Battle Royal). If you haven’t figured out who I am talking about yet, I am talking about non other than the “Long Island Iced Z”, Zack Ryder.

The former WWE World Tag Team Champion this year more than anything deserves a spot on the biggest professional wrestling event in the calendar year. If you asked me last year at this time what position should Ryder be in at WrestleMania I would of said the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is the perfect spot for him. He can do a few of his spots and they will get a reaction but he just got back from injury and he has only been back working for 2 months. This year is completely different story. Ryder has been back wrestling full time for way over a year now and has formed a solid mid card tag team in NXT but that’s not why he should be on WrestleMania. He should be on WrestleMania for many reasons: he’s over, he will always get a reaction, he’s a great worker, etc; but the main reason Mr. Ryder deserves a spot on the main card of WrestleMania as much as anyone because of my next point. HE KILLS IT ON THE “C” SHOWS EVERY WEEK!!!

I am not an avid Superstars or Main Event viewer but you bet your bottom dollar that I will watch Zack Ryder’s matches on said shows whenever I get the chance to. 2016 has been Zack Ryder’s best in ring year without a doubt and he has only wrestled ONE match on Monday Night RAW. So far this year he has worked 37 matches mainly on the “C” shows and NXT/WWE live events. Dare I say Zack Ryder’s performances on Superstars and Main Event are turning those former skip-able shows into the new “B” shows? Think about it, SmackDown has been awesome this year and you could easily say it is an “A” show. Maybe not Superstars but Main Event in my mind is definitely now a “B” show. Most weeks it is a very enjoyable show from top to bottom. Ryback and Rusev has a great ***3/4 hoss battle on Main Event earlier this year. Back to Ryder, The dude wrestled Heath Slater a little over a month ago on Main Event and it was awesome! Easily Heath Slaters best match in recent memory.

I am probably one of the rare people that actually find “They Hype Bros” entertaining, they need to ditch that name and get new music but yeah they’re fun. Zack Ryder has the ability to make anything he is involved in interesting. He stated in an interview in 2015 that he wished he was getting chances on the main roster but if this tag team gives him the chance to once again be on RAW and SmackDown he is a happy man. Ryder is a smart dude and keeps up with the internet wrestling fandom, hell he is still the reigning and defending Internet Champion. His team with Mojo Rawley isn’t well liked by most of the wrestling community online but IF they were given a shot on the main roster I whole heatedly believe Zack Ryder could make it work and “The Hype Bros” could be a fun little mid card tag team. Ryder knows that his chances are slimming of becoming a top star once again so to his credit he hit the gym like a beast and has completely transformed his appearance. He was always in shape, but over the past year he has gotten in excellent physical condition. He has also added to his move-set as well as we saw when he accepted John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge last year he pulled out a 450 splash! He hasn’t executed one since that match to my knowledge but he knows how to do one. Zack Ryder is 30 years old and has been working for 12 years. He is in the prime of his career and it’s going to be a damn shame if WWE misses the boat on him like they did with Drew Galloway. He is a big, tall, muscular guy which the WWE are meant to love. but apparently his appearance doesn’t change what they think of him.

I am not saying to put Ryder in the semi-main of Mania against Brock Lesnar or anything but just don’t put him in the WrestleMania Battle Royal again. There is going to be a multi-man match on the main card of WrestleMania and that would be a perfect spot for him. You could easily tell the story of he has been running through all of his opponents on Superstars and Main Event so he deserves to be featured on the quote on quote pinnacle of “Sports Entertainment”. It would give some much needed notice to Superstars and Main Event and would make the shows feel special. IF they ran home the idea of Ryder constantly picking up victories on the smaller shows it would make draw more viewers to the product. Fans will watch and think to themselves “Oh this wrestler won on this show? Well he should be on RAW or SmackDown.” Sometimes I wish Superstars and Main Event were given specific creative team members/writers because the amount of talent WWE has under contract that they don’t feature in prominent positions is mind blowing. I don’t see WWE firing Zack Ryder because I am sure they know his talents and capability to perform in ring. It is a very nice spot wrestling on the smaller shows because you just get to wrestle without a ton of non-nonsensical BS. It’s basically what he would be doing on the independents but just in much larger arenas making much more money. There is still a chance Ryder is in that multi-man bout at WrestleMania but it’s highly unlikely. Him entering the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is more than likely as Ryder would be positioned as just another guy when he could be doing so much more. Zack Ryder is a very talented human and deserves to be in a more prominent role at WrestleMania.


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