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The Ins and Outs of Wrestling Twitter

In the year 2016 I wanted to contribute more to the wrestling universe. For about 18 months I was just bouncing around on Wrestling Twitter and not really doing anything to make my voice heard and my opinions known. I was lucky enough to join the team at Wrestling With Words, a new wrestling website that covers everything from WWE to Kaientai Dojo (check out my review) and since joining the team I have made my voice heard with numerous articles and my own puroresu podcast alongside Lawrence. But in this article I want to delve into something most reading this are apart of and that is what I like to call ‘Wrestling Twitter’. Twitter is the premier social media outlet across the globe, much like other social medias you can find a group of people that are into the same interests you are; and in this case it’s wrestling.

If you’re reading this you are more than likely already on Twitter and are aware of most of the Twitter personalities. As I stated in the paragraph above I have only became prominent on Wrestling Twitter very recently basically since joining this site and in the grand scheme of things I am an ant compared to the larger, more popular wrestling related Twitter accounts. To be a fully fledged member of Wrestling Twitter, I say you have to dedicate your Twitter account 100% towards the graps. Little to none sports talk, no personal stuff, just 100% professional wrestling, which is something that I like about the Voices of Wrestling Twitter account because it is ran by Joe and Rich who both have separate accounts for stuff outside of wrestling. In this article I want to let you guys know some of my favorite accounts to follow and accounts to follow if you into a certain genre of wrestling like Lucha, Puro, News…etc.

Let’s begin with the accounts you NEED to follow. So imagine if you’re new to Twitter and want to follow some accounts. These are the ones I highly recommend. Let’s start off with Kris Zellner. This man is one of the unsung heroes of the internet wrestling community. He has been posting Puro/Lucha news on the web since the early 2000s and still continues to this day with his Lucha Report and one of my favorite podcasts Between the Sheets. Moving onto one of the more popular accounts and that is Senor Lariato, this dude watches a lot of damn wrestling. I would call him a pioneer of making GIFs of wrestling matches. I have followed him from the start of my Twitter birth and have yet to unfollow him because he puts out such great content. Expect a lot of Japanese, WWE, European and old school wrestling style GIFs and another positive of following him is the fact that he joins the conversation when something huge goes down in wrestling. Another one I highly suggest following is Meltzer in the 90’s and Kayfabe News just for pure comedy purposes, whoever runs the Meltzer account is a genius and he always finds a quote from Meltzer that fits perfectly for a current topic in wrestling. From the WWE side of things I would say to follow Big Banter Corbin and Kevin Owens because they always take part in the banter and have a great sense of humor. Other notable mentions for this category of personalities to follow would be Dave Meltzer, DeathToAllMarksWrestlingFacts, and Zach Dominello.

This section is for accounts you need to follow for Lucha news, results, as well as scoops. I have already mentioned Kris Zellner above. My personal favorites for everything in Lucha are Luchablog and Fredo Esparza, they cover everything from posters, results, upcoming events and everything else you would like to know about Mexican wrestling. I mentioned that Senor Lariato is the king of GIFs but Jocay has to be the king of Lucha Libre GIFs. This man watches a fair bit of CMLL and if you’re like me and find it hard to watch CMLL following this guys’ account is a must to keep up with all the storylines and such.

Moving along to Japanese wrestling related Twitter accounts and this one could go on forever because there are so many quality puro-centric accounts on Twitter. Personally I would label my Twitter account as more puroresu based but I couldn’t hold a candle to these accounts I’m about to name. In my opinion this man is at the top for puro-centric Twitter accounts; and that is STRIGGA , I could be wrong but I am pretty certain he has a friend in Japan and he gets most of his news from there which is neat because you know its 100% factual. STRIGGA covers everything from low rent Japanese indies to NJPW and everything in between. Next would be Michelle, she lives in the land of the rising sun and thus she attends numerous wrestling events. I suggest following her because she has all the scoops on Japanese indie groups like Heat-Up, GUTS WORLD, ZERO-1 and BJW. For Dragon Gate translations and coverage I suggest IHEARTDG and for DDT news and coverage I suggest Dramatic DDT. One of my personal favorite is ENHUITO, he has an English and Japanese Twitter account so it’s the best of both worlds. Like Michelle he lives in Japan and is usually the first person to break Puro news to the rest of twitter. These men upload all of the Japanese wrestling goodness and they always Tweet out when and where the shows are dropped, I’m talking RealHero  and Eric of course. Another unsung hero on Twitter would be E.key Oide , he translates as much promos and news possible and does a great job. If you like Yuji Hino pictures I suggest you follow Eyean, if you like Daisuke Sekimoto picures you should follow Lawrence. Follow Kevin Wilson for the chance to buy Puro products and a lot of Joshi news and some Lucha stuff as well.

I don’t really need to promote these accounts because they are already quite popular but this section is for wrestling news. In my opinion the main profiles you want to follow would be Pro Wrestling SheetCageside Seats, and surprisingly MLW because they know some people and a lot of breaking news often drops on their account. Outsiders looking in would expect me to put both the VOW and Wrestling With Words accounts, but those accounts are opinion based and sometimes there is some exclusive wrestling scoops but mainly the accounts are opinion based and are utilized to promote their respective websites.

Alright so I have covered certain niches of Wrestling Twitter but now I want to get into 3 of the more controversial accounts. If you know who this man is you have probably followed and then unfollowed him numerous times and that man is non other then Fray. Shoot name Charles tweets as often as anyone on the planet and when you’re a wrestling fan that can be good and bad, the good is that your Twitter feed is never boring and he posts a lot of informative stuff but the bad is that if you don’t have a great sense of humor you won’t like this dude at all. Obviously if you have followed him for a certain amount of time you will understand his account much more and you will learn to enjoy it much like myself. Things to expect when you follow Fray is lots of HHH love, recently he has taken a liking to Zeus from AJPW and also a lot of vegan food and the best thing is I don’t know if any of the stuff he posts is a joke or serious. His Twitter in recent months has blown up and is gaining traction daily. Take everything Fray says with a grain of salt. Just enjoy. Moving on next to a slightly more serious account and that is Dylan Hales, I personally don’t follow Dylan anymore because some of the stuff he comes out with is utterly ridiculous in my opinion but everyone has a voice and I can respect him for letting his be known. Me not following him means nothing, Dylan has a following of 1,600 people and many share his same thoughts on professional wrestling. If you chose to follow Dylan expect massive amounts of Southern Wrestling Talk (which is interesting for me because I live in Australia) and also many burials of wrestling that the majority of fans enjoy. That’s probably my biggest thing with not following Dylan. After watching great wrestling I would check Twitter and he would be so negative about it and whilst being on a high of awesome wrestling I don’t want to hear people shit all over it. I may be being to harsh on him and I apologize if it sounds like that because I want to get along with everyone. Follow Dylan for insight on southern wrestling and Puerto Rico wrestling history. The final one for this category is everybody’s good pal Rovert. This Irish lad is synonymous with Wrestling Twitter and with 2,100 followers he has a large following. The best way to describe Rovert is the smart ass kid in class that is annoying but usually gets everything correct, well mainly NXT related topics. Rovert’s twitter is a funny one because some of the stuff he says is straight up outlandish but again I never truly know if he is trying to pop his followers or not. I follow Rovert and sometimes I do get sick of his constant arrogance and always tagging popular wrestling personalities in his posts like Meltzer, Paul Levesque among MANY others. But if you have Wrestling Twitter, I say you follow this man because he does start a lot of bantering and usually drops some scoops very discreetly. I don’t think Rovert is fond of me but hey you can’t win them all.

That was encapsulating Wrestling Twitter in the best way I can. Well, I guess I could have gone on for days because there are many great people on Twitter I didn’t mention in this article and I hope to do another article like this in the future. One thing I want to say is, don’t get top full of yourself and be so overly confident that it’s cringe worthy. I have seen this many times with accounts that start out small but then they blow up and act like dicks and no longer interact with their followers. This will never happen but everyone should try to get along and be civil with one another, we love wrestling and the banter that ensues; but getting heated between each other gets us nowhere. I’m glad Wrestling Twitter came into my life. I live on another continent opposite most people I follow so when I wake up I look forward to reading 6 hours of missed tweets and as weird as that sounds it helps me get up in the morning. Let me know on Twitter @Izzacwrestles what you thought of this article and anything else you want to talk about. I love talking wrestling brothers! Since this has been an article on Twitter, check out these accounts because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be writing this article: Trask, Al, Skill, and Lawrence.


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