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The Hardcore Files #9 (Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man)

Welcome back for the ninth edition of The Hardcore Files. We have a interesting match in store for today. We get yet another rematch between Al Snow and Big Boss Man, but there’s a little backstory to this one. So, Boss Man stole Al Snow’s dog, Pepper. Snow wants it back, but Boss Man tells him the only way he’s going to get it back is if he gives him a Hardcore Championship match, or else he will do bad things to the dog. So, of course Al Snow agreed. Plus, this is a very special edition today, because it’s the first time ever that the Hardcore Title is being defended in between blue ropes. That’s right, the first ever episode of SmackDown is here, and we have a Hardcore Title Match on the show. So, let’s get into it.

Date: August 26, 1999

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man

Boss Man brought Pepper to ringside and made Jerry Lawler hold the dog. Once Boss Man got into the ring, Snow immediately went for the kill and the match began.

These two fought to the outside almost as soon as the match started and an array of various weapons were pulled out from under the ring, including a ladder that was used a good bit. I found it pretty cool that the ladder was blue; gave it a nice touch since it’s SmackDown. Anyway, just as quickly as the match got started, it came to a end. Al Snow took Boss Man down with a ladder shot, then got out of the ring and tired to grab his dog. Boss Man got up and hit Al Snow in the back of the head with the night stick, and pinned him on the floor to become the new Hardcore Champion. Boss Man told Snow he’d get the dog back no matter if he won or not, but he lied, and took the dog with him after the match.

Not much to say about this match since it was so short, but I love the little back and forth with the Hardcore Title between Boss Man and Al Snow. Plus, now that it’s personal with the dog, I feel like these two will have more matches, and they will get better and better. Come back tomorrow for another edition of The Hardcore Files.


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