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The Hardcore Files #8 (Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow)

The eighth edition of The Hardcore Files is here. Last time we saw Big Boss Man defeat Al Snow for the Hardcore Championship at Fully Loaded. This time, we get the rematch. But, it’s at SummerSlam 1999. Could Al Snow regain the Hardcore Championship? Or will Big Boss Man beat the hell out of Snow again to retain? Let’s find out.

Date: August 22, 1999

Where: SummerSlam

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Big Boss Man (c) vs. Al Snow

Before the match, Road Dogg jumped on commentary to call this match, and Al Snow made his entrance and hid until Boss Man came out, then attacked him. Again, the match started on the ramp but quickly went backstage.

As the brawl began, Road Dogg jumped up and grabbed a mic, doing commentary while following the match. His comments and little remarks were the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. Great stuff here folks.

Al Snow and Boss Man were using weapons on the move while making their way out of the building. In the process, a vending machine was smashed, and glass went everywhere. Just like last time, the brawl made its way out into the street. But this time then went across the street, then eventually made their way into a bar.

After taking Boss Man down on the bar floor, Snow hit on a girl which was pretty funny; then they made their way into the bar bathrooms, where Boss Man was hit with a urinal cake which is disgusting. Beer bottles and bar accessories were smashed, then, Al Snow did a freakin’ moonsault off the bar, onto Boss Man; smashing a table. I’m marking out right now; this is so insane, yet so much fun. Snow and Boss Man made their way back to the pool table area, where Road Dogg, who’s still commentating behind them, hit Boss Man with his night stick, helping Al Snow.

Boss Man was out on the pool table, leaving his legs opened for Al Snow to smash his balls, with pool balls. From there, Al Snow picked up the win, pinning Boss Man on the pool table.

After the match, Al Snow made his way back to the arena and beat the shit out of the B.W.O. to end the segment.

Well, this was certainly a very interesting match. They fought the whole way to a bar across the street before the match could end, and Road Dogg doing commentary while following them was so hilarious. At this point, I’m convinced that these matches can’t be bad, and can only get better from here. Come back tomorrow for even more of The Hardcore Files.


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