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The Hardcore Files #7 (Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow)

We’re back with The Hardcore Files #7, this time taking place at WWF Fully Loaded 1999. Today, Champion Al Snow is defending the championship against former champ; Big Boss Man. Also, the way this match starts, I’m sure we’re going to be in for a treat. Let’s not waste anymore time. Here we go.

Date: July 25, 1999

Where: Fully Loaded

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man

Before the match, Al Snow was interviewed by Michael Cole, and cut one crazy promo. Then, Al Snow made his way to the ring & met Boss Man on the entrance ramp when he came out. Snow pleaded for Big Boss Man to put him out of his misery. So, Boss Man grabbed head and hit it with his night stick, causing Snow to grab his actual head and scream as if he was in pain. The match then began on the ramp.

Snow tackled Boss Man to actually get things started, which led Boss Man to brutally punish Snow on the ramp, then backstage. Al Snow kept feeding into the pain, telling Boss Man to hit him more. When Al Snow finally began to hit back, he used everything in his reach to hurt Big Boss Man, and even threw hot coffee on him & put him through a table. As the brawl continued, they went deeper and deeper into the backstage area and we saw weirder and weirder weapons, like a football marker, and a tree plant.

They made their way out to the street, where we saw the likes of a hubcap, a traffic cone, and even a brick used as a weapon. At one point, Al Snow was almost hit by a moving car on the road, but luckily it came to a quick stop. When they got across the street, Boss Man handcuffed Al Snow to a fence and beat the living shit out of him with a police club. Awkwardly, Big Boss Man pinned him against the fence, which actually counted and we have a new Hardcore Champion; Big Boss Man.

This was one of the weirdest, yet funnest matches we’ve encountered so far. Al Snow plays his character so good and Boss Man did a great job at feeding into it. So many creative weapons and moves used in this match & I loved it. Though, the finish was very awkward, it was still great. Come back next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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