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The Hardcore Files #61: Hardcore Battle Royal

The Hardcore Files #38 pits Rhyno vs. The Big Show

The Hardcore Files #60: Bradshaw vs. Jeff Hardy

Welcome back to the 61st edition of The Hardcore Files. After Tommy Dreamer got away with the Hardcore Title last time in sneaky fashion, it’ll be hard to keep the title in his hands when he puts the Hardcore Championship on the line in a Hardcore Battle Royal. This should be a cluster of fun. Let’s get into it.

Date: August 19, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Battle Royal

Tommy Dreamer, Jeff Hardy, Terri, Bubba, Crash Holly, Johnny Stambolli, Bradshaw, Spike Dudley & Rico are all in the ring. Eric Bischoff came down to explain that the Hardcore 24/7 Rule is NO MORE. He says all these former champions will compete in a battle royal type match with pin-falls and whoever is the champion at the end of six minutes, keeps the championship and doesn’t have to worry about the discontinued 24/7 rule.

Eric said “go” and they all went full force at each other. Terri though, got out of the ring and ran because she wanted no part in this match. Not even a minute in, Bradshaw clotheslined Dreamer and pinned him to win the championship. Of course once he won; everyone targeted him. They worked together to try to get rid of him, but once Bradshaw got his hands on a cookie sheet, it spelled disaster for the other participants. Everyone who came near Bradshaw was beaten over the head with this cookie sheet, but moments later; Stevie Richards super kicked him. Crash Holly then fell off the apron and landed on Bradshaw and got the three count. Crash is now the new champion.

No stoppage of action here. Everyone kept fighting in and out of the ring. Bodies flying everywhere and men dropping like flies. Suddenly, everyone was down and we were left with two men in the rings. The current champion, Crash Holly and Bubba Dudley. Crash tried to act as D-Von and told Bubba to “GET THE TABLES!”. But, his plan didn’t work and instead, he was power bombed through a table. Dreamer then ran in and cracked Bubba over the head with a kendo stick, then pinned Crash to become the new Hardcore Champion. With two minutes left, Dreamer desperately tried to hand on to his title.

Every time someone tried to pin Tommy, another participant broke up the pin. With 50 seconds left, everyone was scrambling to pin Tommy Dreamer. But, the pins kept being broken up. The time kept going down and suddenly, there was 10 seconds left. Bubba, Spike and Bradshaw all went for a pin at the same time and ended up fighting each other as the time ran out. Tommy survived. Tommy Dreamer is the Hardcore Champion. And with the 24/7 rule now canceled, he will be holding onto the championship for now.

We’ve seen these type of matches before and I’m always very fond of them. Just pure chaos with pins happening all over the place. Plus, you can’t leave until the time limit is over so that always makes for an unpredictable winner. But now, it’s time to say that tomorrow’s edition will be the last edition of The Hardcore Files. So for one final time, make sure to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files!


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