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The Hardcore Files #60: Bradshaw vs. Jeff Hardy

The Hardcore Files #38 pits Rhyno vs. The Big Show

The Hardcore Files #59: Bradshaw vs. Christopher Nowinski

Welcome back to the 60th edition of The Hardcore Files. Tonight, Bradshaw defends his title against Jeff Hardy. Bradshaw may be one of the most dominant men in the Hardcore Division, but is that enough to defeat a daredevil who won’t quit? We’ll see. Let’s get into it.

Date: July 29, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Bradshaw(c) vs. Jeff Hardy.

These two were pretty much fighting evenly back and forth in the beginning. Bradshaw started to get the upper hand and he went for a pile driver on the steel steps but it was reversed into a backdrop. Jeff Hardy introduced a ladder, but didn’t get to use it due to Bradshaw coming at him full force with a trash can. The ladder got set up in the corner and both men fought back and forth with trash can lids. Hardy made his way up the ladder and Bradshaw made his way up the other side. Hardy, who still had the trash can lid in hand, used it to knock Bradshaw off the ladder. One swanton bomb later, and Jeff Hardy is the new Hardcore Champion.

While Hardy was celebrating, Johnny Stamboli ran out and hit a spine buster on Hardy and pinned him to win the Hardcore Title. But, his reign lasted ten seconds after his head was nearly taken off again by a clothesline from hell. Bradshaw went for the pin but was hit with a kendo stick by Tommy Dreamer. Tommy then pinned Johnny and became the New Hardcore Champion. Dream ran through the crowd before anyone could get to him.

Another fun Hardcore match. Yet, it was short and I really wanted to see Bradshaw and Hardy beat the hell out of each other, it was still fun for what we got. Plus, a little extra surprise to see two more title changes at the end, and with Tommy Dreamer getting away as the Hardcore Champion. We haven’t seen Tommy in a while so that was pretty cool. So, be sure to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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