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The Hardcore Files #6 (Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow)

The Hardcore Files is back once again for our sixth edition. There is no better way to top today’s edition off than with a rematch of one of the best matches we’ve seen so far. Hardcore Holly will be defending his Hardcore Championship one month after winning it at WrestleMania, against former challenger; Al Snow. Al keeps trying to win this championship but never succeeds. Could Backlash 1999 finally be his lucky day? Let’s find out.

Date: April 25, 1999

Where: Backlash

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow

Hardcore Holly proving that he gives no shits when going into a match like this cracking Al Snow over the head with the championship before the bell even made a sound, and it busted Al Snow open. Quickly after, the match made its way to the outside of the ring, then into the crowd. To my surprise; Snow started to take control and even hit a moonsault off a barricade for a two count. Although a sloppy moonsault, it was effective. From there, the match got even better. From water jugs to hockey sticks, to using cooking utensils, these guys beat the hell out of each other all the way to the backstage area.

You might not believe it, but the first weapon used backstage was a kitchen sink. But, we didn’t get to see it be used. Holly went to hit Snow with it but was caught off guard when Snow sprayed him with a water hose. The brawling continued to the parking lot, all the way into a dumpster, where Holly tried to pin Snow, but he kicked out. Very funny to see the ref jump into the dumpster to make the count. The production truck was the next place to get raided by a hardcore brawl, but it came to a quick stop when Snow’s hip tossed Holly out of the truck and onto a car, and after a flying elbow drop, Holly still kicked out of a pin attempt. The match just kept getting better. After more brawling around the backstage area, they finally made their way back to the ring, where they battled to throw each other under a table. Finally, it happened. After fighting on the top rope; Hardcore Holly suplexed Snow through the table. This table looked like the oldest, most raggedy piece of shit table they could ever find, and that’s what made the move so devastating; because it looked as if both men were in intense pain. The idiot referee started to count both men out. But, it’s a damn hardcore match, and there are no count outs! Everybody needs some head, and after both men had got up to their feet, Al Snow gave Hardcore Holly some head in the form of an actual mannequin head across his face, which led him to pick up the victory, and finally win his first Hardcore Championship!

This match was the best match out if the six we’ve seen so far. Every time these two get in the ring together in a hardcore match, it’s always entertaining. Last time we ended up in the Mississippi River, this time, we had a pin attempt in a dumpster. It can’t get any worse than that, and by worse, I mean better. I’m looking forward to more hardcore matches like this. So, stay tuned until our next edition to see if it can top this.


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