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The Hardcore Files #58: Stevie Richards vs. Bradshaw

The Hardcore Files #57: Stevie Richards vs. Everyone

Welcome back to the 58th edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time we saw some chaotic fighting in the backstage area when the 24/7 rule came into effect. But, today we have a sanctioned match between Bradshaw and Hardcore Champ, Stevie Richards. Plus, Jacqueline is the special guest referee. Let’s get into it.

Date: June 3, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Stevie Richards(c) vs. Bradshaw.

Recently we’ve seen Stevie continue to get lucky and get away show after show with the championship. But, when you have an opponent like Bradshaw, it’ll be hard to get away. Bradshaw started off hot and was just mugging Stevie with hard forearm shots with everything he had. Bradshaw then filled the ring with Texas themed weapons, including a bull-rope, a saddle, and even Bull horns. Stevie wouldn’t let him get far with them though. He jumped up and folded a trash can lid over his skull multiple times until he took him off of his feet. But, Bradshaw wouldn’t stay down. He was caught after trying a cross body and tossed across the ring by Bradshaw. Spike Dudley ran down and tried to interfere but that didn’t work. Spike was booted off the top rope, then Stevie was hit with the clothesline from hell in a vicious way. Bradshaw is now the new Hardcore Champion.

Justin Credible ran down and tried to attack Bradshaw but he was unsuccessful. Crash Holly ran down and ran right into the bottom of Bradshaw’s boot. Bradshaw left after celebrating with his hometown crowd. Bradshaw may be the most devastating champion we’ve seen so far.

It should be interesting to see how long Bradshaw holds the championship after seeing him dismantle three men easily. But, the only way to find out if to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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