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The Hardcore Files #57: Stevie Richards vs. Everyone

The Hardcore Files #38 pits Rhyno vs. The Big Show

The Hardcore Files #56: Stevie Richards vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

Date: May 27, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Welcome back to the 57th edition of The Hardcore Files. This is going to be a very interesting episode. Looking back, it seems as if there is no official match booked. So, this should be interesting. Let’s get into it.

Of course we know with no match booked, the 24/7 rule must come into play, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened. Stevie Richards was backstage being interviewed by Terri. She points out that Jazz isn’t here with him because of an injury. He tells Terri that she’s recovering very well and compliments her on being “cute and cuddly”. Jackie interrupts and questions his cute and cuddly statement. Stevie tells Jackie that she’s jealous and wants to be with him. She then kicks him below the belt and hits him over the head with a microphone. She tried for a pin but Shawn Stasiak pulled her off and tried for the pin himself. Big Boss Man jumped in and took Shawn out with his nightstick. He then tried for a pin but Shawn jumped back up and they brawled throughout the backstage area.

While everyone was preoccupied, Terri snuck in and pinned Stevie. Terri is now the Hardcore Champion. But, while she was celebrating; Stevie rolled her up and regained his Hardcore Championship then ran before anyone else could attack him.

Well, this was a weird edition to say the least. No official match was on the card but with the 24/7 rule in effect, anything can happen. And Terri of all people captured the Hardcore Championship. Though it was just for a few seconds, she’s in the history books folks! So, to see more unpredictable action in this Hardcore division; be sure to check back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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