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The Hardcore Files #56: Stevie Richards vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

The Hardcore Files #55: Stevie Richards vs. Booker T

Welcome back to the 56th edition of The Hardcore Files. On this edition, things are changing up a bit. The former “WWF Hardcore Championship” is now known as the “WWE Hardcore Championship”. This is the first Raw since the name change. To kick off the newly known WWE Hardcore Division, Bubba Ray Dudley will be challenging for Stevie Richards Hardcore Title. Let’s get into it.

Date: May 6, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Stevie Richards(c) vs. Bubba Ray Dudley - Hardcore Championship Match.

Trish Stratus had just defeated Jazz in a women’s title match to open up the show. As soon as Trish won, Dudley and Richards spilled into the ring with a furious brawl and the match began.
Bubba took out Richards and even Jazz with a big Dusty Rhodes style elbow. Then, he called on himself for a table! Stevie Richards tried to stop him with a Stevie kick, which was reversed into a Bubba bomb and just like that, Bubba Ray Dudley is the new Hardcore Champion.

Of course, it wasn’t over just yet. Jazz tried to attack Bubba from behind but was caught in the act. Then, Dudley took a trash can lid to the head out of nowhere from Raven. He followed it up with the Raven Effect DDT and a pinfall. Raven is the new Hardcore Champion! But then Raven turned around into a super kick and was pinned by Justin Credible. Justin is now the new champion. The Hardcore 27/4 rule is out of control and it seems like everyone wants the title. And just as Justin thought he was safe, Crash Holly came flying off the top rope with a drop kick. After a pin, Crash captured the championship. His reign lasted seconds as well because Crash was hit over the head with a trash can by Bubba. But, Trish Stratus snuck in and stole the pin.

Bubba Dudley wasn’t too fond of that and he grabbed Trish by her hair. Jazz made the save and sprayed Bubba with a fire extinguisher, but a blinded Bubba still had enough left in him to power bomb Trish through a table. Bubba was down trying to aid his eyes, and Stevie Richards ran back in and pinned Trish, then ran. Stevie Richards is now the New Hardcore Champion. What a weird match.

This was crazy from the start. Starting a match while the participants from the match before were still in the ring. Then, it ended within minutes, followed by several other wins, leaving multiple people with reigns lasting seconds. Way too much chaos, but I really enjoyed it. The surprise factor of who’s going to come out next or, is this the last title change played in a lot here and that’s what kept me on the edge of my seat. It wasn’t Hardcore per-say, but it was damn sure fun. So, for more insane, wild, fun and hardcore action, be sure to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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