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The Hardcore Files #55: Stevie Richards vs. Booker T

The Hardcore Files #54: Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Jazz

Welcome back to the 55th edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time we saw Stevie Richards defeat Bubba via 24/7 rule to become the Hardcore champ. But now, there’s a new challenger on the rise. Booker T is looking to take away Richards’ title live at the 2002 Insurrextion Pay-Per-View. Let’s get into it.

Date: May 4, 2002

Where: Insurrextion

Watch: WWE Network

Stevie Richards(c) vs. Booker T - Hardcore Championship Match.

This match started off like a normal wrestling match and stayed that way for the first few minutes. Then, Booker T was the first to introduce a weapon and smashed a trash can lid over Stevie’s head. The match spilled to the outside where Booker bounced Richards skull off the steps, and decided to clean the place up when he introduced a broom. Booker T was pretty much in the driver’s seat for a while. Richards fought back twice with a series of chops, but Booker took control back nearly right away. Richards finally started to fight back, using every weapon in his reach and he was dominating Booker. We even saw a few unsuccessful pin attempts by Richards and he really turned the match completely on his side after hanging Booker up on the top rope, then he cracked him with a trash can. Richards was pissing the crowd off and being a true heel, locking in rest holds in a Hardcore match and they hated that. Booker fought out of the gold and turned things his way. He put a trash can over Richards head, then flew off the top with a flying drop kick. But, he couldn’t finish him there. Booker T looked to be going for the scissor kick but was caught with a Stevie kick, which almost won him the match. Very near fall. Booker ended up getting up and hit the Bookend out of nowhere for the victory.

Booker T is the New Hardcore Champion. But, it didn’t even last a minute. Crash Holly rolled him up from behind and won the Hardcore title, only to lose it back to Booker a minute later followed by a Scissor kick. Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer ran in and jumped Booker. Dreamer set up a table, but Booker started fighting back. He took both men out with kicks and celebrated his win. But, again, Jazz ran out and low-blowed him, then Stevie flap jacked Booker onto the table and it didn’t break. Stevie then pinned him, but Booker kicked out. Stevie then picked him up and flap jacked him again on the table, this time it broke and Stevie became the new Hardcore Champion.

Pretty solid match here. I liked Stevie using rest holds in a Hardcore match to get heat. Pretty smart. I was excited to see Booker T with a Hardcore title reign, but another insane, chaotic ending occurred and Stevie ended up leaving with the championship. Maybe next time Booker. But, make sure to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Titles.


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