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The Hardcore Files #5 (Billy Gunn vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow)

Welcome back to The Hardcore Files. We’re on #5! We’ve made it this far already, so this is a bit of a ground breaking moment (kidding). But, we do have some history-making moments tonight, as this match is the first time the Hardcore Championship is up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match. Not just that, but, it’s also the first time the title has been defended at WrestleMania. That’s right, WrestleMania 15 is the event, and this match is the opener. We have the Champion, Billy Gunn defending his title against former champ, Hardcore Holly and former challenger, Al Snow. As usual, this is contested under hardcore rules. So, let’s see where this match takes us.

Date: March 28, 1999

Where: WrestleMania XV

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Billy Gunn vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow

Billy Gunn tried to cut a promo before the match but was attacked before he could get a full sentence out. For the first few minutes of the match, the only thing hardcore about it was the sickening bumps that these guys were taking. Gunn was tossed over the steel steps and landed hard on his back. Al Snow came next and took a hard hit on the floor after a suplex from Hardcore Holly.

Soon after, the first weapon was brought out, which was a hockey stick. “Let’s Go Flyers” chants broke out because they’re in Philly. A tray of drinks followed the hockey stick, and the tray of ice, water, and Gatorade was poured all over Holly. Then, Snow took the tray to the face, and Gunn snapped the hockey stick over the back of Hardcore Holly. The match soon made its way back into the ring, where Al Snow dominated a good portion of it with a broken broomstick and a chair. A table made its way into the match by Al Snow, but that plan backfired when Billy Gunn sent him crashing through it.

After taunting to the crowd, Gunn hit the Fame-Ass-er on Snow but wasted too much time, letting Holly get back up to his feet. Gunn had a chair folded over his back and Hardcore Holly pinned Al Snow to become the first ever two time Hardcore Champion.

Quick match, but still good for the time it got. They used the few weapons they had some good spots. I feel bad for Hardcore Holly, who took a hockey stick on his back, and it broke. I know how hard and thick those things are, so I bet that didn’t feel good at all. This match gets a check on my good list, but who knows; maybe next time we’ll see another bad match. Speaking of next time, stay tuned because we see a past match, get revived for a rematch, and I bet it’s going to be good. Thanks for reading.


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