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The Hardcore Files #41: Test vs. Rhyno

Welcome back to the fourty first edition of The Hardcore Files. This time, we get to see the rematch from the 40th edition of The Hardcore Files where Rhyno looks to regain his recently lost Hardcore Championship from the champ himself, Test. It’s only fitting that we take another look at Rhyno as he just made a big return on SmackDown Live this week. So, let’s get into it.

Date: June 25, 2001

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: Test (c) vs. Rhyno

Two weeks ago, Test defeated the former champion, Rhyno with a distraction from Shane O’Mac &andStacy Keibler. Rhyno isn’t distracted this time as he goes in full force right from the start.

Rhyno started the match on fire, but once a few trash cans were introduced; Test took full advantage. It didn’t take long for this match to get out of hand. Soon enough, both men started brawling through the crowd, which ended with Rhyno getting suplexed onto a barricade. When Test wasn’t able to finish Rhyno off there, he decided to take things into the backstage area. This is where the fun began because shit started hitting the fan. After a bit of back and forth brawling, Rhyno was laid out on two tables. Test then climbed up a little scaffold and proceeded to drop a big elbow on Rhyno. With a nasty crash landing on the concrete floor, one table collapse debut didn’t break,  while the other went flying across the floor sideways still fully in tact. I figured the match would end there, but Rhyno kicked out. Test then put Rhyno in a trash bin and pushed him into the wall which was pretty comical. Test set up a ladder but was unsuccessful with doing anything with it. Rhyno got control and gored Test into a wall. After a 1-2-3 Rhyno is our new Hardcore Champion.

But wait, the fun isn’t over just yet! Just as Rhyno thought he was safe, he was attacked from behind by none other than Mike Awesome. After Rhyno was hit in the back of the head and powerbombed onto a ladder, Mike Awesome took advantage of the 24/7 rule and is now our new Hardcore Champion! A WCW guy is the champ, BAH GAWD!

This was a very fun match, with some great surprises. Some great spots occurred with some delightful backstage action. Plus, a nice surprise with Mike Awesome showing up to win the belt. Can’t wait till next time for more of Mike Awesome. Be sure to tune in again for more of The Hardcore Files.


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