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The Hardcore Files #40: Rhyno vs. Test

Guess who’s back? That’s right. Every marks’ favorite series is back again with the 40th edition of The Hardcore Files. If you remember, last time Chris Jericho defeated Big Show to become the new Hardcore Champion. But, it was Rhyno who left the show as champion as he used the Hardcore 24/7 rule to win the championship on the same night. Now, on the June 14, 2001 episode of SmackDown, Rhyno will defend the Hardcore Title against Test. Let’s get into it.

Date: June 16, 2001

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs. Test

This match started like any other match would, with basic wrestling action. But it didn’t take long for weapons to fill the ring and it certainly didn’t pay off for Rhyno. Test destroyed a trash can lid over the head of Rhyno with a shot that even made me cringe. Rhyno retaliated with a weapon of his own. A fire extinguisher. Now, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that may had broken or at least bruised a rib of Test because DAMN THAT WAS A HARD SHOT!

No matter how hard these two were getting hit, they kept getting back up. From top rope suplexes onto trash cans, to some of the hardest weapon shots I’ve ever seen, these two wouldn’t stay down. What a wild match. Test sold the hell out of his rib injury, mostly because I think he really was hurt. But Test sacrificed his body and potential injury by hitting a huge flying elbow into Rhyno that sent both men crashing through a table. Just as we thought this match had come to an end… HERE COMES THE MONEY! That theme gets me hyped every time. Yes, Shane McMahon alongside Stacy Keibler made their way down to the ring. Stacy did a little dance on the apron to distract Rhyno before leaving. Rhyno turned around to get a trash can kicked in his face and pinned for the three count. Your winner and the New Hardcore Champion, Test!

This was one hell of a match. Though it didn’t have much length to it, these two gave me a match that made me excited to be back on The Hardcore Files train. Test and Rhyno beat the living shit out of each other, but what do you expect from two guys like them in a hardcore match. More of this kind of stuff PLEASE! I’m loving this and I’m back for good now so stay tuned, and make sure you keep coming back for more of The Hardcore Files.


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