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The Hardcore Files #4 (Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn)

On the fourth edition of The Hardcore Files, we jump ahead of time nearly a month from when the last edition took place. Hardcore Holly is still the champion, but he has a new challenger. This new challenger promised that he’d be the one to take the Hardcore Title from Holly and said he was going to make him fame-ASS in the process. Yes, his opponent is none other than “Mr. Ass,” Billy Gunn. After holding the Hardcore Title for 29 days, can Holly hold onto to it for more than that? Let’s get into it.

Date: March 15, 1999

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn

It seems as if these matches all start the same way, which is wasting no time. Once Holly slid in the ring, the fight began. Battling inside and outside of the ring, Holly brought a trash can in as the first weapon used. But, a broomstick cracking over the back of Bob Holly changed the course of the match for a short while. After a few near falls, Billy Gunn decided he needed a new weapon to keep Holly down.

A steel chair was brought into the match by Gunn, but sadly for him, he got the chair in his face. Next up, a glass of juice was shattered across the face of Gunn, then the chair again. And he still kicked out. The match got even more brutal when Holly was press slammed out of the ring. His legs hit JR’s announce table, and his back hit the floor. Yes, I said JR’s announce table. He had his little table in front of the regular announcers table, and it looks hilarious. Shortly after that nasty bump, Holly’s face was drilled into the steel chair with a Fameasser. We now have a new Hardcore Champion, “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn.

Like I said last time, it could get better, or it could get worse. This time, it was worse. Holy vs. Gunn was the worst out of the four we’ve done so far. Not too much in the hardcore variety, so to speak, happened in this match. But, we did get a couple of nasty looking bumps. Also, I was a bit disappointed that the contest was short, which I expect them all to be, and the action didn’t go farther than ringside, but oh well. Maybe next time. Not to mention the wrestling itself was pretty bad when weapons weren’t used. So, tune in tomorrow for the next edition of The Hardcore Files.


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