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The Hardcore Files #35 (Big Show vs. Raven)

The Hardcore Files #38 pits Rhyno vs. The Big Show

Welcome back to the thirty fifth edition of The Hardcore Files. Tonight, Raven is finally getting his one on one rematch against the Hardcore Champion, Big Show. But, if their last meeting was any indication, anyone can come in at anytime, so you never know who could leave as Hardcore Champion. Let’s get into it.

Date: March 19, 2001

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Big Show (c) vs. Raven

What a time this was. Raven tried everything to stop Big Show, but he was invincible. Nothing was stopping Show. Raven threw everything he had at Big Show, but he kept fighting back. Big Show was destroying Raven. Raven had no chance in winning. That was until “The Big Red Machine” Kane made his way down to the ring and started going after Big Show.

Big Show and Kane brawled around ringside, then the fight went into the ring where Kane took Big Show down with a steel step shot to the head. Raven then got involved, allowing Big Show to get up and take out Kane. Big Show then set his sights on Raven, but Kane dove off the top rope out of nowhere and clotheslined Big Show. Raven fell on Big Show and got the pin. The new Hardcore Champion; Raven!

Another quick match. This one was cool. Not many weapons involved but still awesome to see Kane. Now that Kane has inserted himself into the Hardcore Title picture, that only means one thing; tomorrow’s edition will be headlined by my favorite Hardcore Championship match ever. I’m so excited to be talking about that match, so make sure you come back tomorrow for that, and for more of The Hardcore Files.


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