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The Hardcore Files #34 (Raven vs. Big Show)

Welcome back to the thirty fourth edition of The Hardcore Files. After the Hardcore Champion Raven has used his accomplice to continue retaining his championship, he has his toughest challenge to date when he defends against Big Show in the opening contest of No Way Out 2001. So, let’s get into it.

Date: February 25, 2001

Where: No Way Out

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Raven vs. Big Show

Raven tried to get a large advantage on Big Show by having his accomplice attack him during his entrance, but Show put a quick stop to it, then put a stop to Raven by folding a stop sign over his head.

As they fought back down the ramp and around ringside, Raven used his surroundings to get the upper hand on Big Show. While Raven was in the ring, trying stay away from Big Show, Crash Holly dressed as a popcorn vender and hit Raven over the head with a popcorn tray, then hit him with a bulldog. Big Show slid in and broke up the pin, followed by the disposing of Crash Holly. Quickly after, Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly ran down and inserted themselves into the match. One fantastic reason to why I love the hardcore division; is the fact that anyone can come into the match at any time. But, this time, things got crazy. While Hardcore Holly & Blackman were busy with Big Show, Billy Gunn ran in, hit the Fame-asser on Raven, and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion.

Crash Holly immediately slid in the ring and tried to roll Billy Gunn up, but he kicked out. Suddenly, a big brawl ensued, ending with Big Show taking out Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman, then Raven sneaking in and pinning Billy Gunn to regain his Hardcore Championship once again. But, sadly for him it didn’t last long. Crash Holly tried to roll Raven up, but Big Show broke it up, then eventually choke slammed and pinned Raven a little after. The new Hardcore Champion, Big Show!

After the match, Big Show destroyed Billy Gunn and made sure everyone was down before leaving.
Yet again, another crazy match which made for some enjoyable moments. Usually, I’m not a fan of multiple run-ins in one match, but in hardcore matches, I don’t mind. It’s fun when everyone comes in and things start to get chaotic, then the championship changes hands and anything could happen. Hardcore 24/7 is a great, great thing. Be sure to come back next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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