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The Hardcore Files #32 (Raven vs. Al Snow)

Welcome back to the thirty second edition of The Hardcore Files. This is our first edition from the year 2001 and it’s taking place on the 400th episode of Raw. With Raven as the Hardcore Champion, he’s been in a little feud with former champion, Al Snow. The brutal battles between these two finally culminate in a match for the Hardcore Championship. So, let’s get into it.

Date: January 22, 2001

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Raven vs. Al Snow

While Raven wheeled his shopping cart full of weapons down the ramp, Al Snow attacked him from behind, starting the match abruptly.

Both men began to brawl back and forth, which led us to go under the stage. Not kidding, they fought under the stage. But, sadly we only got a mere 20 second glimpse because the camera man was knocked out into the arena, then a explosion occurred, leading to smoke and sparks rising from under the stage. The camera man went back under the stage, then we saw both men and the referee both down and Raven screaming bloody murder while holding his ears. Suddenly, he just stopped screaming and stood up before spraying Al Snow with a fire extinguisher. The whole thing was really weird and I don’t know what happened, but okay then.

Raven followed Al Snow with the fire extinguisher to the backstage area. Al Snow started to fight back after hitting Raven with a ironing board. The fight quickly went into the catering area, where Al Snow covered Raven with different kinds of foods and even smashed a cake in his face. Raven then mounted a comeback and we then went outside. This match just won’t stop moving. They fought outside for a few seconds before Al Snow hit Raven in the gut with a shovel, then pinned him. The ref saw Raven’s shoulder up and called it as a shoot, which pissed Al off, so he pinned him again and won. The new Hardcore Champion, Al Snow.

When Al Snow stood up, a person dressed in all black ran from around the corner and busted a 2×4 over Al Snow’s head, then put Raven on him as the ref counted to three. The new Hardcore Champion, Raven. The person and Raven drove off in a car after the match.

That was interesting. We didn’t see what exploded, but that whole scene was very weird. The rest was fun, and I’m interested in who the person in black was that helped Raven win back the championship. Maybe we will find out soon. So, tune in next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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