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The Hardcore Files #30 (6-Man Hardcore Battle Royal)

Welcome back to the thirtieth edition of The Hardcore Files. With the nearly unbeatable Steve Blackman still as champion, he has his most difficult test ahead of him. Today, we go to Unforgiven 2000 where Steve Blackman defends the Hardcore Championship in a hardcore battle royal, similar to the one we saw earlier in the series at WrestleMania 2000, except this only has six men. So, let’s get into it.

Date: September 24, 2000

Where: Unforgiven

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Six-Man Hardcore Battle Royal

Steve Blackman is defending against Crash Holly, Test, Al Snow, Perry Saturn, and Funaki. A ten minute time limit on this match and the championship can change hands multiple times throughout the match and whoever holds it at the end of the time limit wins.

Once Steve Blackman made his way down the ramp, the match began. Crash Holly went right after Blackman but was knocked down by a kick while everyone else brawled in the ring. Right away the match blows my mind. Perry Saturn attempted a suicide dive, but was hit with a trash can lid while in mid-air, causing him to fall face first on the floor. Funaki then went flying out of the ring by a toss from Test. Soon after, everyone got up and the huge cluster-fuck of a brawl ensued. Al Snow introduced head, and everyone was getting head left and right including Trish and Terry who were at ringside. The cluster of brawling continued to ringside, then Perry Saturn again pulling out a high risk move and hit a moon sault off the top rope onto a pile of opponents. Shorty after, Crash Holly hit Blackman with a trash can lid and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion.

Sadly, Crash’s reign in this match only lasted a couple seconds because he tried to run away but was hit with a trash can and pinned by Perry Saturn. All of the superstars in this match migrated to the top of the ramp while brawling. With four minutes left on the clock, they all brawled into the crowd. The camera work was so horrible here, but I understand because fans were jumping in the camera picture, while Al Snow was stealing fans drinks and using them as weapons. Hilarious. Eventually, they all made their way to the ringside area while Blackman and Saturn fought in the ring. Al Snow, who was still using fans stuff as weapons, hit Test with a Pizza box which he sold perfectly. No one was paying any attention to the two men in the ring, and with one minute left, Steve Blackman pinned Saturn to become the new Hardcore Champion.

With 50 seconds left, Steve Blackman decided to leave and began walking up the ramp. But, he was jumped by the five other competitors on the stage. After they beat down Blackman, they all tried to go for the pin which caused a diversion and they all started fighting each other. While fighting each other, the time ran out and Steve Blackman is still the Hardcore Champion.

Well, that was fun. Just like the WrestleMania match, it was just a big mess which is actually pretty enjoyable because anyone could win and the title is changing hands back and forth all throughout the match. This specific match and edition has hit two milestones today. This is our thirtieth edition, and Steve Blackman winning at the end made it the fiftieth hardcore title change. So many great moments we’ve seen, and I can’t wait for many more. Come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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