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The Hardcore Files #3 (Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly)

We’re back! The third edition of The Hardcore Files is here. Today is an exciting match that involves two very hardcore people. But first, let me explain what happened after coming out of the last edition of The Hardcore Files. If you read it, you know that Road Dogg became the new Hardcore Champion after beating Big Boss Man. Since then, Road Dogg was injured when he was attacked in a backstage segment after holding the Hardcore Championship for 61 days. Now, the Hardcore Title has been vacated for the first time and two hardcore men (one even has Hardcore in his name) are going to battle it out for their chance to hold the Championship.

Date: February 14, 1999

Where: St Valentines Day Massacre

Watch: WWE Network

(Vacant Hardcore Championship) Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly

This match didn’t take long to start. Once Hardcore Holly entered the ring, he was thrown out of it; and had a steel chair wrapped around his head. Quickly after, this fight made its way into the crowd. The fun begins here.

As quick as the fight went into the crowd, it went backstage after Al Snow sprayed Holly with a fire extinguisher. One of the best things about these type of matches is, if they see something that’s throwable, they’re going to toss it at their opponent. That’s just what happened. A trash can and even a beer cooler were tossed around by both Holly and Snow. The fight made its way to the streets. Sadly for Snow, Hardcore Holly’s first weapon of choice was a road sign, which folded over Al Snow’s back. The weird thing was while Holly was beating the living shit out of Al Snow, he was laughing. I guess he enjoys pain.

The crazy Al Snow started to fight back in the middle of the street, and the brawl started leading towards the Mississippi River. For the first time, we see some barbed wire, when it was used to choke Hardcore Holly. Using every weapon they could find, like wood, stop signs, and tree branches, it led them right next to the river. I think we all know what happens next. Yes, Holly was thrown into the river. Al was then tossed in, and both men are wet and trying to fight their way back to land. Lawler pointed out that it was around 30 degrees outside. If that statement was true, you know they had to be cold. Especially dressed the way they are and soaked in river water. Shortly after brawling on the land, Bob Holly found a rolled up fence. He moved Al Snow into the fence so he couldn’t move, and pinned him to win the Hardcore Championship. Just to point out; I think Snow’s shoulder was up, but the ref still counted to three.

This was the best match out of the three we’ve seen so far. Like I said last time, there will be some weird and fun places to fight at, and we saw that today. I assume it can only get better from here. But, better might mean worse. So join us next time for the next edition of The Hardcore Files to find out where these crazy matches take us. Thanks for reading.


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