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The Hardcore Files #23 (Crash Holly vs. Gerald Brisco)

Welcome back to the twenty third edition of The Hardcore Files. Actually just three days before this episode is where we saw The Godfathers Ho win the Hardcore Championship, which she held for 13 seconds before losing it to Crash Holly on Raw. Now, on SmackDown, with Crash Holly as champion and the Hardcore 24/7 rule following his every move, you never know what could happen. So, let’s get into it.

Date: May 18, 2000

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly vs. Gerald Brisco

Earlier in the show, Crash Holly entered the APA’s office with some money and explained to him that he can’t get any sleep with all of these men and women chasing him down for his Hardcore Championship. So, he paid them to protect and look after him while he slept on the floor, right next to their card table. As we know, hiring the APA always causing some chaos, so this might not be good.

Through out the show, we saw little clips of Crash Holly sleeping in the APA’s office, which made for some funny moments when he snored loud and the APA got pissed off. Then, the Godfathers Ho came in and tried to win back the Hardcore Championship, but the APA kept their word and made her leave. Later on, Gerald Brisco came in with a little boy named “JoeC”, who apparently was friends with Kid Rock, and he made the APA take him to a bar. So, when the APA hears about a bar, OF COURSE they go, leaving Crash all alone.

Well, all alone with Gerald Brisco, who left and grabbed a referee. He explained to the ref that he needed to count very quietly. They entered the APA’s office and Gerald put his finger on a sleeping Crash, while the ref cousted to three quietly. We have a new Hardcore Champion! After the pin, the ref tripped which woke Crash up. Crash Holly chased Gerald Brisco all they way down to the ring, but with the help of Pat Patterson, Gerald got away safely, and still the Hardcore Champion.

That was certainly a fun time. Like I said last time, it seems as if the hardcore style is pretty much being thrown out of the window with the 24/7 rule, and we’re seeing more comedy and entertainment based stuff. This was just that. Purely comedy. Which, I’m not complaining about because it was pretty funny. I just hope we do get some more hardcore style stuff soon. So, check back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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