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The Hardcore Files #22 (Crash Holly vs. The Godfather)

Welcome back to the twenty second edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time, we saw Crash Holly sneak his way into winning the Hardcore Championship. But, this time he has to defend it in a one on one match against The Godfather. So, there’s no way of sneaking away. Like I said last time; something crazy happens. So, let’s get into it.

Date: May 15, 2000

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly vs. The Godfather

The Godfather cut one of his classic pre-match promos before Crash Holly made his way to the ring. Before the match, Crash threw some weapons in the ring, then the fight began.

The Godfather beat Crash Holly all around the ring and at ringside, basically just over powering him the whole time. Finally, with the help of a stop sign, Crash Holly mounted a comeback. Then, DLo Brown ran down and attacked them both, making this a triple threat. DLo took Crash down with a big sit-out spinebuster, but the pin was broken by the Godfather, who brawled with DLo to the outside. While they were fighting at ringside, one of the Godfather’s ho’s got in the ring and pinned Crash to become the new Hardcore Champion! Everyone was shocked, including the Ho, who jumped around the ring and celebrated. The reign didn’t last long though, because Crash Holly rolled her up and won back the Hardcore Championship in about 13 seconds. After the match, Godfather tried to go after Crash but he ran away with the title successfully.

Well, that was a fun time. Though we barely saw anything relatively “hardcore”, we did see some hilarious entertainment. For the most part, I see this Hardcore 24/7 rule more as a comedy gimmick rather than actually anything hardcore, but it’s okay with me because it’s some funny and entertaining stuff. Two title changes and one is The Godfathers’ hoe? What a match. What else could possibly happen? Find out next time on The Hardcore Files.


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