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The Hardcore Files #21 (British Bulldog vs. Hardcore Holly)

Welcome back to the twenty first edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time, we saw the Hardcore 24/7 Rule play a big part in the match, which costed Crash Holly the championship. But, this time we have a straight up match for the Hardcore Title; when the British Bulldog defends against Hardcore Holly on SmackDown! Let’s get into it.

Date: May 11, 2000

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) British Bulldog vs. Hardcore Holly

What started out as a normal match with a lock up and some small moves being traded back and forth, quickly turned into a fight when Hardcore Holly through Bulldog out of the ring. Then, something occurred that made me literally laugh out loud. Hardcore Holly grabbed a tray of drinks from under the ring and hit Bulldog with it, spilling water everywhere. Once the water hit the floor, Holly turned around and slipped on the water, falling right on his ass. Someone get a wet floor sign, please.

While these two continued the brawl in and out of the ring, a bunch of weapons including; a broom, toolbox full of tools, and the classic fire extinguisher, were brought into the fight. The broom stick was snapped over Bulldog’s back, tools were spilled everywhere after both getting their hands on the toolbox, and British Bulldog was shot in the face with the extinguisher. But, neither man would stay down, and the fight kept going. Suddenly, Crash Holly made his way down to the ring with a referee and a trash can lid.

Crash snuck up behind his cousin and bashed the lid over his head, then proceeded to do the same thing to the British Bulldog before pinning him and becoming the Hardcore Champion once again.

Well, he did it again. The Hardcore Houdini; Crash Holly, has found a way to win back his championship. Now, let’s see how long he can keep it. From what we’ve already saw, it seems like Crash will win it but lose it quickly, then figure out a sneaky way to win it back. But, he better watch out because those sneaky tactics could catch up to him. Tonight was a decent match, definitely could’ve been better, but it was solid for entertainment purposes. Next time, something insane happens so be sure to come back for that, and for more of The Hardcore Files.


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