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The Hardcore Files #20 (Crash Holly vs. The British Bulldog)

We’re back for the twentieth edition of The Hardcore Files! It seems like we just started this, but it’s been going on for 20 days. Pretty cool, so be prepared for 20+ more. Tonight, we’re at the first ever Insurrextion pay-per-view from London, and the start to this Hardcore Championship kicks off in a very different way. Let’s get into it.

Date:May 6, 2000

Where: Insurrextion

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly (c) vs. British Bulldog

Earlier in the day, Crash Holly made a challenge to any Englishman for the Hardcore Title. But, at this particular moment, Crash Holly was getting ready to do commentary for the next match. Then, British Bulldog ran out with a referee, went right after Crash, and the match began.

These men brawled all around ringside and up the ramp, then back down the ramp eventually making their way back into the ring, right before Crash Holly threw a bunch of weapons into the squared circle. The first weapon of choice was a leather strap which Crash used to choke Bulldog with. After unsuccessfully trying to choke out Bulldog, Crash used canes and chairs to try to beat his opponent. After a chair shot backfired on Crash, British Bulldog took control and beat Crash Holly with anything he could get his hands on. After damaging Crash a little more with some weapons, British Bulldog hit his signature running power slam on Crash Holly for the win. British Bulldog is the new Hardcore Champion.

This was a quick match, but it came out of nowhere, so it was fun to see it go down. Crash Holly didn’t expect to be put in a match when he was just about to do commentary, but he should’ve since he’s the one who made the 24/7 Hardcore Championship rule. As we see almost daily, this Hardcore 24/7 rule really is entertaining, which can lead to many different title changes in one match. Plus, next time I know something very special is going to happen, so tune in for that, and come back daily for more of The Hardcore Files.


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