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The Hardcore Files #2 (Big Boss Man vs. Road Dogg)

Welcome back to The Hardcore Files. On our first edition we saw Big Boss Man defeated Mankind in a Ladder Match for the WWF Hardcore Championship. Today, we take a look at a match that took place a few weeks later, with Big Boss Man defending his newly won championship against Road Dogg. Now, this isn’t a ladder match, this is a straight up hardcore match; falls count anywhere, and anything goes. Time for the real fun to begin. Let’s get into it.

Date: December 21, 1998

Where: Raw Is War

Watch:WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Big Boss Man (c) vs. Road Dogg

At first, this match wasn’t scheduled to be a Hardcore Championship match. But, after Road Dogg cut a promo and called Big Boss Man a “Chicken Shit”, implying he was too scared to put the belt on the line, Boss Man said he’s going to show Road Dogg what hard times are all about, and accepted his challenge.

Right when the bell rings, these men went all out on each other. Very early into the match, a cookie sheet, steel steps, and a bucket were introduced as they fought all around ringside, which eventually led to them brawling in the crowd. Road Dogg was thrown through the technicians table, and the match started to get wild. Boss Man pulled no punches when beating the hell out of the challenger and even broke a broom stick over his arm. Nothing better than going back and reliving these crazy matchups that took the fans all over the arena. Both men were on the move, keeping the the fans wondering where they were going to go next. In the ring, Boss Man tried to throw powder in Road Dogg’s eyes, but it backfired.

When the fight went back out into the crowd, Big Boss Man revealed he had a freakin’ noose! Boss Man tried to choke out Road Dogg then pin him, but he kicked out. Road Dogg fought back, but ended up being whipped back and forth between two metal barricades in the back of the crowd. Road Dogg didn’t look so good. Seemed to have hurt his back quite a bit, but a savior came his way, when Mankind ran out from the back and threw a net over Boss Man. Yes, a net folks. I can’t make this shit up. Mankind then hit the champ with a club, costing him the match. We now have a new Hardcore Champion, Road Dogg. After the match, Road Dogg celebrated with the noose still around his neck. Meanwhile, Big Boss Man got up and chased Mankind to the back.

Well, that was certainty better than the first match I reviewed. The Hardcore rules have finally come, and you never know what’ll come out of it. We saw a noose, trash cans, cookie sheets, powder, tables, and much more. Even better, we saw the falls count anywhere rule come into play for some near falls, and even the end of the match. I can’t wait to dive into more crazy action. Maybe next time we will see the match go a bit further than the crowd. Backstage, the parking lot, or even beyond the arena. Not to spoil anyone, but there will be some fun places and settings. To make sure you don’t miss anything, come back next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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