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The Hardcore Files #19 (Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy)

Welcome back for the nineteenth edition of The Hardcore Files. Last edition, we saw Matt Hardy essentially steal a pin from Jeff Hardy. Now, in the same week on SmackDown, Matt Hardy is defending the Hardcore Championship against his brother, Jeff Hardy. Anything could happen, especially with these two. Let’s get into it.

Date: April 27, 2000

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Matt Hardy (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy came to the ring with a trash can full of weapons and once the bell rang, Matt grabbed a trash can lid, and handed Jeff a cookie sheet so then it was fair. But, once he handed Jeff his weapon, he smashed the trash can lid over his head. These guys are brothers, but they’re certainly pulling no punches.

These two battled it out, and used every weapon that they could get their hands on, which made for some entertaining moments, including Jeff putting a broom stick between his legs and jumping off the top rope into Matt, as well as Matt putting Jeff inside of a trash can head first, then drop kicking it. While this was all going on, Perry Saturn made his way out to the ring, but he didn’t interfere. He just stood at ringside and observed the match. Soon after, Hardcore Holly made his way down to the ring and did the same thing.

Both Hardy’s introduced ladders into the match, but Jeff kicked one of the ladders into Matt’s face. Then, Tazz made his way down to the ring to observe as well. Jeff Hardy then got a little crazy. He set a ladder up, then climbed on the top rope, jumping over the ladder and hit a leg drop on Matt, but he kicked out of a pin attempt after that. Jeff was then sent flying out onto Perry and Tazz. Matt then dove out onto them all. As the match went back into the ring, Crash Holly ran out and busted a trash can over Matt’s head, and pinned him to win the Hardcore Championship. The 24/7 rule worked for him this time, and he ran away with the title.

Another fun Hardcore Championship match. The Hardy’s beat the hell out of each other, and neither of them walked away as the Hardcore Champion. That’s the best part of the 24/7 rule. Literally anyone could win at any time and this could lead to some surprising victories. Maybe we will get another crazy victory next time. But, there’s only one way to find out; you have to tune in tomorrow for the next edition of The Hardcore Files.


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