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The Hardcore Files #18 (Crash Holly vs. The Hardy Boyz)

We’re back for the eighteenth edition of The Hardcore Files. As we saw last time, Crash Holly lost his championship but won it back almost immediately. Now that he’s champion and his title is on the line 24/7, he’s ran into some problems and tonight, he’s paying the price for making his 24/7 rule.

Date: April 24, 2000

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly vs. The Hardy Boyz

This started out as a tag team match between the Hardy’s and the Holly’s, but after Hardcore Holly won the match for his team, he started to leave and the Hardy’s pulled Crash back into the ring. With a ref already in the ring, the match began and it’s essentially a two on one Hardcore Title match.

The Hardy’s started to attack Crash, but after he reversed a back drop, he got rid of Matt Hardy by throwing him out of the ring. But, there two men, and Crash was hit from behind by Jeff Hardy. Jeff beat him down and went for the pin but it was broken up by Perry Saturn who ran down and inserted himself into the match. Poor Crash Holly. Hardcore Holly came back down the ramp and looked to be heading in to save Crash, but he was hit from behind by Tazz, who then inserted himself into the match. This is pure chaos. Things started to really break down and everyone was brawling. But, after Jeff Hardy hit a swanton-bomb on Crash Holly, Matt Hardy swooped in and covered Crash for the three count. Matt Hardy is now the new Hardcore Champion.

After the match, everyone was brawling still and Matt Hardy stuck out of the ring and ran to the back.

Well, that was certainly something. For a match that barely lasted a few minutes, we had a lot of chaos, and no weapons were even used, but it was still entertaining. With Matt Hardy jumping in and stealing Jeff’s pin, could this cause some tension between the Hardy Boyz? Come back tomorrow to find out on the next edition of The Hardcore Files.


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