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The Hardcore Files #17 (Crash Holly vs. Perry Saturn)

Welcome back to the seventeenth edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time, we saw Crash Holly pay off the APA to defeat his cousin Hardcore Holly for the Hardcore Championship. Now, two weeks later; Crash Holly is defending his championship on SmackDown against Perry Saturn. Let’s get into it.

Date: April 13, 2000

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly vs. Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn came to the ring with a trash can full of weapons and once he sat it down, Crash Holly grabbed some weapons out of it, throwing them all over the place and the match began. Though there were weapons all around, they didn’t use them and just wrestled for the first minute or so. But, after Holly went for a sunset flip pin, Saturn grabbed a trash can lid and nailed Crash with it.

Both men went back and forth for a little while longer before Saturn super kicked a cookie sheet into Crash Holly’s face and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion. Seconds later, Perry Saturn turned around and was smacked in the face by the cookie sheet and pinned by Tazz who just ran out with a ref. Now, we have a new Hardcore Champion. But, wait! Right as Tazz stood up, he turned around and got hit in the face with the same cookie sheet he just won with, and Crash Holly pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion! Three title changes in less than thirty seconds, what the hell just happened?

After the match, Crash ran away as fast as he could, obviously so he couldn’t lose the title again. That was freaking fantastic.

Overall, though we only saw two weapons used, we did see three type changes in a row and that was exciting to watch. I had no clue that was going to happen and it took me off guard for a second but I loved it. You just never ever know what could happen when the Hardcore Championship is on the line 24/7. Come back tomorrow to see if there will be even more crazy happenings here on The Hardcore Files.


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