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The Hardcore Files #16 (Hardcore Holly vs. Crash Holly)

Welcome back to the sixteenth edition of The Hardcore Files. Just one day removed from WrestleMania 16, Hardcore Holly is giving his cousin, Crash Holly a rematch. After the screwy finish from ‘Mania where it looked like Crash kicked out, but the ref said he didn’t, Hardcore Holly goes into this match as the champion and anything could happen. Let’s get into it.

Date: April 3, 2000

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Hardcore Holly vs. Crash Holly

Crash Holly was fired the hell up. As soon as the bell rang, he jumped all over Hardcore Holly and took control early on after hitting his cousin with a cookie sheet. Sadly for Crash, him having the upper hand didn’t last long. Hardcore Holly broke a broom stick over his back then proceeded to spray him with a fire extinguisher when he got up.

They tried to do a little bit of wrestling but it didn’t look good. Seemed to be a bit of confusion between them, so Crash Holly just face dropped Hardcore on a chair. The battle soon fell out of the ring, where Hardcore Holly grabbed a glass cup off of the announce table and smashed it over Crash’s head. I don’t know why Jim Ross had a glass cup, but alright then. While Crash was down, Hardcore Holly was attacked from behind by the APA. They were in the WrestleMania hardcore match, so maybe they want some revenge? Or maybe Crash Holly paid them, because after they hit a double choke slam on Hardcore Holly, they put Crash on top of him, helping him win. The New Hardcore Champion; Crash Holly.

After the match, Crash Holly shook the APA’s hand and we now know that Crash paid them to help. While Crash was walking up the ramp, the Mean Street Posse attacked him and they all tried to pin him because of the Hardcore 24/7 rule, but he kicked out of every pin and ran away after the Posse started to attack each other.

Well, that was a fun little match. I think the ending was the best part, but a fun match at the least. The commentators made a comment that Crash Holly is the Hardcore Houdini, which is very true because some how, he always pulls off getting away, or getting his title back when he loses it. Crash is so damn entertaining, and I can’t wait for more. So, tune in next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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