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The Hardcore Files #14 (Crash Holly vs. Pete Gas)

The fourteenth edition of The Hardcore Files is here. But before we get into anything, let me explain some things. Last episode we knew that the Hardcore 24/7 Rule was applied, and now it’s coming to fruition. During an episode of Raw, we had one of those “Earlier in the day” replays come up towards the end of the show, which we will probably get a few time throughout this series, and, well now, things are about to go down. So, let’s get into it.

Date: March 13, 2000

Where: Raw Is War

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Crash Holly vs. Pete Gas

While the WWF personnel were arriving to the airport in Newark, New Jersey, the Mean Street Posse spotted a referee, and then scoped out the Hardcore Champion; Crash Holly. When they found him, the Mean Street Posse started a brawl with Crash Holly and his friend, Prince Albert. While the attack went on, every member of the Mean Street Posse attacked Albert, leaving member, Pete Gas to sneak through the crowd of fighting, hit Crash Holly over the head with a suitcase and pin him, becoming the new WWF Hardcore Champion!

While Pete Gas was celebrating, Crash Holly got himself back to his feet and grabbed his weight scale that he always used to carry around to prove he was heavy enough to compete with the other men. After picking up the scale, he cracked Pete Gas over the back of his head with it, and quickly pinned him while the Mean Street Posse was still busy with Albert, to become the new Hardcore Champion, and regain his title.

Crash then quickly ran off so no one could take it again. Hilarious stuff. I love this rule, and it’s only going to get better.

While this edition was short, we did see two title changes in one, and it was in a airport. I ask the question, how could it get better than this, but, I know it can, and I know it will. Come back next time to see where else this crazy rule takes us, and for more of The Hardcore Files


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