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The Hardcore Files #11 (Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man vs. Big Show)

Welcome back to The Hardcore Files for the eleventh edition! We have a very exciting edition today as Big Boss Man gets his rematch against Al Snow, but another man that hates him is also in the match, which is Big Show, making this a triple threat. So, let’s get into it.

Date: October 14, 1999

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Al Snow (c) vs. Big Boss Man vs. Big Show

Boss Man made his entrance first, and where Al Snow came out second, Boss Man got out of the ring and got into it with Snow, starting the match without the third man. Boss Man took Al Snow out of the equation with a cookie sheet, then got back into the ring, waiting for the arrival of The Big Show.

Show came in and stormed after Boss Man, knocking him off of his feet. Show kicked Boss Man in the chest, taking him out of the ring but he turned around just to find Al Snow with a fire extinguisher, of course spraying it in Show’s face. As Boss Man and Big Show started to get back into the swing of things, they brawled in the ring, while Al Snow gathered a bundle of weapons and even set up a table on the outside. Sadly for Snow, he tried to mess with Big Show, who met him on the outside and chokeslammed him straight through the table. Big Boss Man took advantage and clubbed Big Show over the head with his night stick, busting him opened. Finally, we see some blood. Boss Man forced Show onto his back and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion.

This match was luckily a little longer than the last match we saw, but certainly not long. Though, we did see lots of weapons and even some blood, I’m excited to see if there will be a match longer than 5 minutes. But, knowing that something special is coming up, I doubt that. So, stay tuned for that special something because it’s coming. As for a hint, does 24/7 ring a bell? Tune in tomorrow for the next edition of The Hardcore Files.


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