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The Hardcore Files #10 (Big Boss Man vs. British Bulldog)

The tenth edition of The Hardcore Files is upon us. Happily, we made it this far. Tonight, we’re back in between the blue ropes for SmackDown, as the champion Big Boss Man is having an open challenge for a particular set of superstars. So, let’s get into it.

Date: September 9, 1999

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

(Hardcore Championship) Big Boss Man vs. British Bulldog

Before the match, Big Boss Man cut a promo about how he’s crazy enough to “feed Al Snow his own dog” so he’s crazy enough to rip out a person’s organs … well then. Boss Man then declared a challenge to any dog lovers in the back to challenge him to match for his championship. The man to answer his challenge was the British Bulldog, who came down in jeans and a sweatshirt to fight for all the dog lovers.

As soon as the match began, it was pretty much over. Bulldog tossed Boss Man out of the ring, threw him in the crowd, threw him back over the barricade to ringside, but Boss Man fought his way back in control, and grabbed a chair. The match spilled into the ring, where Bulldog blocked a chair shot and made Boss Man hit himself. Damn, I love that spot. Moments after, Bulldog used his own night stick on him to win, and become the new Hardcore Champion. Boss Man wanted a dog lover, instead; he got a Bulldog.

After the match, Al Snow ran out as his alter ego and shoved a piece of paper with a note on it in Boss Man’s mouth. After this, British Bulldog awarded the Hardcore Championship to Al Snow. So, we have another new champion!

Pretty damn short match, but it’s okay because it was fairly entertaining. Hopefully next time, the match will last more than a minute. But, the only way to find out is if you tune in. So, be sure to read the next edition of The Hardcore Files.


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