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The Greatness That is Isami Kodaka

Born 27th of September 1981 in Yokohama Japan, Isami Kodaka stands 5″8 weighing 165 lbs. Not a big man in stature but a big man at heart. Isami Kodaka has been actively been wrestling since 2002, being trained by the likes of Taka Michinoku, Jun Kasai and other former Big Japan trainers. Isami actually signed up for the Kaientai Dojo training school and made his debut on the 18th of July defeating Daisuke Matsumoto. Isami defeated Kengo Mashimo in his fourth match of his career when Kengo was still beginning. He wouldn’t stick around in K-Dojo very long, leaving there full time in early 2003. He went out and tackled the crazy scene that is Japanese independent wrestling. It was the smartest career move Mr. Kodaka has made. Nothing is wrong with staying with K-Dojo but I am not sure he would of ever been in the main event of Sumo Hall if he stuck around in Kaientai Dojo.

The thing with Isami is that he is currently one of the most incredible wrestlers to watch but he is also a frequent deathmatch performer. Just one day before DDT Judgement he worked a barbed wire death match in Big Japan. The man is nuts. If you’re lucky enough to catch Isami Kodaka wrestling in the current day expect to see him tagging up a lot with his best pal Yuko Miyamoto. When the two men team up they are known are “Yankee Two Kenju” and have been teaming up nearly full time since 2010. Isami has been a multi time champion nearly everywhere he has worked and has been in the main event wherever he has worked. He and Yuko first teamed up in 2005 in 666 of all places! Yuko is still a 666 guy but Isami has graduated from performing at 666. They mainly team in Big Japan but they are known to team in DOVE. Isami does have a solid group of friends in this wrestling business thing that we all love. Isami loves professional wrestling so much it’s great, especially if you follow his Twitter @Isami_777  he praises a lot of independent talent on the regular. In recent times he has said some nice things about Koji Iwamoto who he wrestled in Sportiva earlier this year. Isami has reached the upper level in Japanese independent wrestling and I will explain what that means. He will NEVER take pin-falls unless it’s to set up a title match or if it’s a big deal. In 2016 he has only been pinned once and that was when he lost the KO-D title to HARASHIMA at Sumo Hall.

Isami has been doing deathmatches on a consistent basis for over 10 years now and is usually facing and teaming with the same opponents. What gets me is that his body isn’t broken down and he can still put on some of the best matches in the world. Isami doesn’t have a body builder body by any means but he stays in great in ring shape for someone that does 100+ deathmatches a year. If you watch Abdullah Kobayashi from 10 years ago and compare him to current day Abdullah Kobayashi they are two different men, but Isami has arguably gotten better with age. I would like if Isami cut it back on the deathmatches because, honestly, I could see him competing at a high level for the next 10+ years. Who knows where he could be in 10 years? Could he make BASARA one of the most popular brands in Japan? Could he be a BJW Strong Champion? Hell, could he even be an IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion? The possibilities are endless for one Isami Kodaka. This is a very cheesy line but the sky is the limit for him because he can do it all and is a once in a lifetime performer. Like just look at his current hair style and tell me that man isn’t an amazing human being! I really would love to see Isami wrestle the likes of Daisuke Sekimoto or Masato Tanaka in a singles match sometime soon. But I don’t think Isami is going to be in any huge program outside of BASARA anytime soon sadly. Well it’s good and bad because I want to see Isami conquer every promotion in Japan but also I understand he is trying to grow a new company and he is the biggest star. BASARA has just about sold out every show they have put on thus far and are running very often for a start up organisation. For those that don’t know BASARA is owned by Dramatic Dream Team but Isami is the leader/ace of the promotion. He is basically what Ken Ohka is to Ganbare Pro. BASARA has a core roster of about 10-12 that are technically BASARA natives now. Hiroshi Fukuda being the biggest name under the banner of BASARA. Other bigger names that compete in BASARA are HI69, Kikutaro and MENS Teioh.

For someone who isn’t that large in stature Isami Kodaka has a huge heart for Puroresu and every damn time he performs he gives it his all. It seriously does not matter if it’s in front of 1750 at Korakuen or the opening match of a Shinkiba event; Mr. Isami Kodaka will always deliver on every level. This year I would love to see him venture into WRESTLE-1 and mix it up with the likes of Minoru Tanka and Tajiri. Imagine a Yankee Two Kenju vs. Tajiri and Tanaka match!??? Would be so lit. I am going to say it … Isami Kodaka is my favorite wrestler on this planet. I know his not the best in the world but personally he is my favorite to watch and could literally watch him for days on end which I do occasionally. I have only known of Isami for five months but he has showed me so much in the five months I have known of him. Every match he wrestles there is something different you pick up and learn. It’s truly a wonderful, unique trait that Isami possesses. Whenever a puroresu event drops I pray that there is an Isami Kodaka match. It doesn’t matter if it’s a deathmatch or not. As long as I see Isami in a squared circle I’m a happy Izzac. I hope you enjoyed my Isami Kodaka love fest! Thank you.


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