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The Great Matches: Zoltan Boscik vs. Jon Cortez (JP 4/14/71)

This is a Rounds Match.

The more wrestling I watch the more I find myself looking for the little things in matches. The big moments still get me, don’t get me wrong. That being said, it’s the little things, the attention to detail that grabs my attention more often than not. Watching old Joint Promotions shows is great for that because on any card one is likely to find numerous matches that are slaves to detail. That’s the case with this match, and its brilliant attention to detail is what stood out to me initially and resonating with me as time passed.

In this case the attention to detail I am speaking of is illustrated in a few key sequences. The first involves Zoltan Boscik winding up on Jon Cortez’s shoulders in a Crucifix position. As Cortez walks around the ring with the diminutive Hungarian it comes clear that he will try some sort of power move to shed Boscik from his person. Cortez’s move of choice is a Gorilla Slam, but during his attempt of said move Boscik grabs onto Cortez’s wrist so that when he is thrown down he interrupts the power behind the move, ends in a standing position while maintaining a Wristlock, before sliding to Cortez’s back and trapping him in a Hammerlock. The sequence doesn’t end there, but for our purposes that’s all I need to tell you about. It is a truly wonderful sequence; detailed, slick, and gnarly.

Boscik and Cortez aren’t done there though, and later in the match they return to the same starting point. Once again Boscik is on Cortez’s back in the Crucifix position. And once more he grabs hold of Cortez’s wrist right as he believes Cortez is about to execute a Gorilla Slam. Only this time Cortez walks closer to the ropes, elevates Boscik high into the air, and launches him towards the ropes so that he executes a Snake Eyes that causes Boscik to crash into the ropes throat first and have to break his attempted Wristlock counter. It’s a nifty sequence, and the sort of callback that makes me giddy.

The epitome of a smartly worked match is what Cortez and Boscik deliver. Take the aforementioned initial Wristlock sequence. When it finishes Cortez escapes the Wristlock by using his own wrist and body positioning to power out and send Boscik spinning and driving to the mat. It’s an end to the sequence that pays attention to the focal point of the sequence, Cortez’s wrist, while accentuating Cortez’s main advantage, his power. The finish is another example of the smartness on display from both men. They have been evenly matched throughout the contest and as a result Cortez can’t use the rudimentary Powerbomb Stack favored by so many Joint Promotions wrestlers. Instead he floats over for added pressure and he has trapped Boscik in a position from which he cannot escape. Smart, very, very, smart.

Another thing about this match is that it is deceptively hard hitting. There’s a moment near the middle of the match where Boscik cracks Cortez with a European Uppercut in such a vicious manner that I jerked away from my computer screen. Not to be outdone, and also playing to the smart callbacks throughout the match, later on Cortez uses a sequence of counters to set Boscik up for just as stiff of a European Uppercut to his jaw. The stiffness is what caught my eye, but the attention to detail is what made me grin from ear to ear.

I definitely want to see more of both Boscik and Cortez following this match. They both looked tremendous throughout this entire affair. They worked hard, they worked smart, and they worked appropriately. There was never a moment in this match that felt off or like their signals were getting crossed. When it is great Joint Promotions makes for one heck of an experience. This is an example of it being great, and the experience was sublime.

Bill Thompson

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