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The Great Matches: El Bárbaro Cavernario vs. Titán (CMLL 5/3/15)

This is a Two Out of Three Falls Match for Titán’s Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. Mexican National Welterweight Championship.

One of the great crimes in modern day pro wrestling is that Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre does not realize what they have in either El Bárbaro Cavernario or Titán. Sure, sure, they push them a little, and occasionally they give them the chance to shine. That’s not good enough, any Lucha Libre fan worth their salt will tell you that. In Cavernario and Titán Lucha fans have discovered two of the finest talents going today. It’s sad to realize that to the CMLL brass these two sterling talents are but bodies to take up time on a given event. Sad, but all too common in Lucha, and wrestling as a whole, where great talent does not always mean recognition.

Luckily it’s easier to move past the booking limitations found in CMLL when this match is what we get out of their actual Cavernario and Titán usage. These two guys click, and they click right away. They have a surprisingly intricate story to tell, and they get right into that story. On my worst days there’s very few things that make me happier than when a splendid Lucha match tells a story that engages me completely.

The story in this case is a three fall tale. We begin in the first fall where Titán plays the cocky dick tecnico to perfection. He’s always adding in these little flourishes to his moves. They are completely unnecessary, and Titán knows that they are unnecessary. That’s the beauty of the way the first fall plays out; Titán is showing off just because he is skilled enough to show off in such a way. He moves like a cat, keeps outmaneuvering Cavernario at every turn, and looks mighty impressive in said maneuvering.

There’s this brilliant moment where Titán contorts himself into hitting an Armdrag, kips up, and poses in the center of a ring. Cavernario has a look of utter disgust and dismay on his face. He isn’t pissed per se, he’s more ashamed than anything. He’s flustered, and is slow in reacting to anything and everything that Titán throws his way. Then Cavernario manages to stun the cocky Titán with a Dropkick. He hits a series of his signature moves and just like that he has won the first fall.

Winning that fall isn’t enough, and the majority of the second fall is spent with Cavernario beating Titán into a pulp. Right before the beating finally ended I was feeling sorry for Titán, that’s how much damage he was taking. The Caveman had awoken, and all of his frustrations, embarrassment, and anger were being directed at inflicting pain upon Titán. Things are going well for our club wielding hero, until he gets too cocky and after being stunned is quickly put away by Titán.

The first fall was about Titán paying for his cocky flashiness. The second fall was about Cavernario being brought down due to his cocky brutality. The third fall is about each man throwing all they have at the other. There are various ebbs and flows, with close nearfalls, and lots of great action. The best stretch of the match is the end sequence that begins with Titán hitting Cavernario’s trademark Diving Splash to the outside on him! Cavernario is on the defensive, he’s struggling just to stay alive. Titán is taking more and more of the match, as he becomes convinced he is on the track to winning. He goes after Cavernario with more of the Caveman’s own trademark offense. Titán is getting cocky again, and he doesn’t realize it. Cavernario does though, and he simply waits for the opening he needs to cash in on Titán’s hubris. Cash in he does, and the cocky tecnico is undone by the hard working rudo.

Quite the interesting tale, one that I didn’t really expect out of this match. Both men bring their A game when it comes to technical execution. There’s not much more I can add to that statement. All the same, I expect that from these two, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen either man tell such a rich story in the ring. Rather, I should say I’ve never seen them do as such when they weren’t in the ring with a well-traveled veteran worker. On this day it was just Cavernario and Titán, wrestling their tails off and providing a world class story to go along with their always excellent in-ring mechanics. Gosh darn do I love a well done Lucha match!

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