The Decade in Indie

The Decade in Indie is a little project of Sam’s where he reviews indie matches from the 2010’s. That’s it. You will probably see a trend where I lean towards the more obscure but feel free to throw mention on a Twitter if there is a match you would like to see get discussed

  1. Takahiro Oba & Takeshi Ono vs. Kengo Mashimo & Manabu Suruga (FUTEN 5/30/10)
  2. Jeremy Wyatt vs. ACH (MetroPro 2/4/12)
  3. Chris Escobar vs Damien Wayne (VCW 6/2/12)
  4. Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Necro Butcher (BJPW 6/25/10)
  5. Corey Hollis, Chip Day & Chiva Kid vs. Drew Myers, Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler (PWX 2/25/12)
  6. Team BDK vs. Team CHIKARA (CHIKARA (1/31/10)
  7. Bandido Jr. vs. B-Boy (JAPW 1/23/10)
  8. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jerry Lawler (NWA ME 3/17/12)
  9. Luke Gallows vs. Michael Dante (Pro Wrestling Showdown 4/15/12)
  10. Makoto Hashi & Manabu Suruga vs. Kengo Mashimo & Madoka (FUTEN 9/26/10)
  11. Alex Colon vs. Sami Callihan (CZW 1/7/11)
  12. Tyler Bateman vs. Ryan Kidd (Magnum Pro 10/22/11)
  13. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon vs. Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett (Beyond 10/2/11)
  14. Team Beyond vs. Team InterSpecies Wrestling (Beyond 5/7/10)
  15. AKUMA vs. Alex Colon vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Rich Swann vs. Ruckus vs. Ryan McBride (CZW 12/11/10)
  16. Roy Wilkins vs. Trevor Lee (CWF MA 11/1/14)
  17. Sami Callihan vs. Kyle O’Reilly (IPW 1/1/11)
  18. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricochet (PWG 9/4/10)
  19. Vik Dalishus vs. Hale Collins (NEW 3/23/12)
  20. Aeroform vs. Jollyville F**k-Its (Beyond 11/5/10)
  21. JT Dunn vs. Hallowicked (WrestleJam 9/7/13)


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