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The Decade in Indie: Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Necro Butcher (Big Japan Pro Wrestling, June 25, 2010)

Big Japan Pro Wrestling

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Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse – Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

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Pre-Match Thoughts: This is the type of match I do The Decade in Indie for. For a second let’s pretend there is a way I don’t enjoy this matchup. Yoshihito used to be a favorite of mine. For my money, he was the best STRONG BJ wrestler as he worked stupid stiff but spammed lariats rather than Germans. An aesthetic choice I can get behind. Necro Butcher doesn’t need an introduction. Going to give it to him for the sake of my word count but he doesn’t need it. The greatest brawler of the 21st century. An independent wrestling legend. That did moniker does not only apply to America as we find ourselves in Big Japan Pro Wrestling here. So that’s your match-up. A big meathead who throws with all his weight and a renowned brawler with a few more miles on him than before.

Match Thoughts: Yeah, this match is dope. Could have gone one of two ways, Necro Butcher works super snug and we get a competitive STRONG BJ match or we were gonna get color in weapons. I would have been happy either way but blood and weapons are good things which feel me with very special feelings. Approximately zero seconds into the match Necro goes wild. He jumps Sasaki and does a somersault off the apron because by god Necro does the pro like only he can. The outside brawling lives up to my enormous expectations. At one point Sasaki rips off Necro’s shirt and if you don’t lose your mind on the following chop then you never had a mind, to begin with. It doesn’t take long at all for Necro to bloody up Sasaki. Because he is savage human being Necro gets a wrench of some sort and uses it to jab a hole through Sasaki’s head (I have watched this back now three times with still no idea where the wrench comes from. Assuming Necro is like a drug dog and has an innate sense of where weapons are located). Let the venue fill with the blood of Necro’s victims. This whole Necro stabbing Sasaki thing goes on almost uncomfortably long but it is awesome to have Sasaki come back every couple of minutes with some stiff ass chop or lariat thinking he stands a chance. The ending stretch of the match is a mess of potential CRITICAL HIT moves done on piles of chairs. Insanity in the best way possible.

Okay, let’s go on a little tangent, I love when matches feel like two characters playing out in a natural way. Wrestling can often time feel like a thought out template which fits the wrestlers’ strengths, hitting key spots and key places. Here you have on one side a barbaric human who has a lust for weapons, blood, and simply violence. On the other who have a more typical hard hitting Japanese pro wrestler who swings for the fences on every strike.That scenario works itself out and nothing feels forced. In my mind, that’s what wrestling should feel like.

Beating the 10-Count: Real ass pro wrestling. Wild characters, nasty violence.



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