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The Decade in Indie: Tyler Bateman vs. Ryan Kidd (Magnum Pro, October 22, 2010)

Magnum Pro SoCal Showcase Series Fights

Watch: YouTube Part 1; Part 2

Chino, California

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Pre-Match Thoughts: Over the years I have peeked over at Bateman matches and almost always have enjoyed them. For some reason, though I have never followed up on that enjoyment more than watching a few more of his bouts on a given weekend. The guy is primarily known for his California indie work, where he has resided for most of this decade. He faces Ryan Kidd who I have never seen. I don’t think at least, my mind has been known to slip. If you know the history behind Magnum Pro please send that to me. From my understanding, it is owned by a wrestler known Jason Strife, often booking himself against name talent that has entered the promotion because he is a good hand. The confusing part is when Magnum runs shows in Nebraska and California. Cagematch (CAGEMATCH!), has event information going back to 2013 so this particular event is not covered. If you or someone you know can explain if there was a move, why the move occurred, or whether Magnum ran Nebraska and Cali throughout the year please let me know. This match has a “bootleg version” on YouTube.

Match Thoughts: The match never kicks into another gear and honestly could not care less. More or less a ten-minute squash. Bateman opens the match by telling Kidd to do himself a favor and leave. Having watched the match unfold he probably should have taken him up on that. Bateman shows some pretty gnarly offense as he works over the scrawny Kidd. His chops have that proper oomph which I appreciate. When working a hold Bateman works the tar out of it, throwing in some chest slaps to keep the pain coming. There is a sloppy moment that actually might enhance my enjoyment of the match and that does not usually happen. You have Bateman hit a sloppy backbreaker from the backdrop position then later on Bateman goes for it again and Kidd counters it with a crossbody. In the context of a match, and probably the reality of it, Kidd looks like he wanted to counter it the first time but couldn’t muster the leverage so went down. Neat little thing.

Bateman works as a vet the whole match. Kidd’s offense comes in at seconds at a time. Almost comical that his longest stretch of momentum ends when he plays to the crowd. Bateman has been stretching Kidd and making his chest redder than a tomato yet he thinks he has time to talk to the crowd? What a loser. Bateman hits…I don’t know, a mix between an Emerald Flowsion and a brainbuster? I just know Kidd’s neck gets bent out of shape then gets blasted with two lariats that would make Uncle Stan proud.

Beating the 10-Count: Delightful squash from a vet possessing a killer elbow.



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