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The Decade in Indie: Daisuke Sekimoto & Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Abdullah Kobayashi & Takashi Sasaki (BJPW, March 19, 2010)

BJW Death Match & Romance Tour 2010 – Day 1

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Pre-Match Thoughts: This is a first round match in the BJPW Tag Team Title Tournament. First time I am hearing of this tournament because I am new to all this. Similar vein, this is my first time seeing the two houses of Big Japan collide, I believe. My style falls more in line with STRONG BJ, so my hope is we go down more that route. Have not seen much of Abby or Takashi Sasaki, but what I have seen leads me to believe they aren’t for me. Abby looks more “half-baby, half-Frankenstein’s Monster” than I could ever recall. Not Sekimoto’s biggest fan, but when he doesn’t try to amp it up to eleven, I actually find him quite fun. Yoshihito Sasaki probably deserves recognition as one of the best pure meatheads in pro wrestling history.

Match Thoughts: The clash of philosophies is fun to watch play out as the death match squad does not get to play by their rules. This is Sekimoto and Yoshihito’s world and they just live in it. Abby and Takashi are tough, though, which in wrestling means they will always have a shot. Seriously, Sekimoto and Yoshihito throw their weight around and it is awesome. Both death match lads try to throw slaps with Yoshihito. Both stand up longer than they should. Both fall down. Abby’s exchange particularly is fun as he goes into a trance that the crowd pops for. Stupid me, I didn’t think the two death match guys would be the perfect underdogs in this scenario. That’s what most these folks come to see. There are moments that it looks like the death match folks have a shot, even Abby going right into a submission after a Sekimoto German suplex toward the end made me wonder if toughness would win out.

I guess I want to point out that I don’t particularly like Abby but he has charisma. His look goes a long way to making him feel like something other. Abby does comedy spots, does tough man spots, does technical spots and they all reek of personality. Not sure “reek” is the right word, but I look at his face and it is the first one that pops up. Abby makes the match work in a lot of ways. Not saying it couldn’t have been as good with someone else, but it would not have been the same match they delivered here. I hope that makes sense, because it is hard to explain. At least for me. Go Abby, I suppose.

The match didn’t really build, per se, but it felt like a bomb’s wick running low. How much punishment were Abby and Takashi going to take before they stayed down? How long could Sekimoto and Yoshihito keep this barrage of lariats, German suplexes, and violent slaps up? I like to make team sports analogies a lot of the time in reviews, or at least in my head. This doesn’t resemble anything of that sort because there are no great comebacks by the babyface death match brothers. It felt like an MMA fight where you see the region’s best get a fighter with poor technique, but is tough as nails. The tough lad might not be a threat for 15 minutes, but he only needs 30 seconds to become a nightmare. You doubt he can catch the opponent off balance with one perfect shot, but you have seen wilder things. That’s how the match felt. Never looked like Abby and Takashi were going to go on a run. Occasionally, things seemed to be shifting, but the pendulum never really shifted. The match kept going, though, and you weren’t sure if they had one bomb that they could hit to take the W. The fact all the competitors turned that into a compelling story deserves a lot of credit.

Beating the 10-Count: Great match full of Abby’s charm and STRONG BJ stiffness.



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