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The Decade in Indie: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricochet (PWG, September 4, 2010)

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2010

Watch: highspotswrestlingnetwork.com

American Legion Post #308 – Reseda, California

Pre-Match ThoughtsAt this point in time Ricochet had not been on his debut tour of Dragon Gate. That would come in December. Mostly known for CHIKARA and EVOLVE work at this point even if he was going to break out in Dragon Gate USA and Dragon Gate proper momentarily. To me, this is actually a more interesting era for Ricochet. Not a finished product but was doing wild things with his body. This would be his PWG debut. The placement of this debut in Ricochet’s career goes a long way in showing the difference in when PWG will book a guy. If there is a period of time where Claudio is bad I have yet to see it. At this point you could probably throw him in the GREAT category. Most likely the greatest base outside of Mexico in pro wrestling history. A perfect opponent for a high flyer in their debut.

Match Thoughts: Any match where a veteran puts a skinny newbie through the ringer will get good marks with me. Some super duper overly contrived spots but Claudio gives Ricochet a blank canvas to work with so I don’t really hate it. When you are presented with your best shot of doing silly stuff with someone that can make it look good then you do it. Ricochet’s bounce back hurricanrana actually came off as a way of getting momentum to go his way so it was smart and cool. Claudio going on a rampage with the UFO, Big Swing, and European Uppercut was one heck of a flurry. Ricochet’s biff of a springboard headscissors actually made for a better transition as he just kicked Claudio in the eye which seemed to tick off Claudio more than anything. The finish is picture perfect. Ricochet is too stubborn for his own good and kicks out of pop up European Uppercut that had him drop from the rafters so Claudio bends him in half until he cries uncle. Maybe I’m ignorant but wish we got more of this Ricochet. I guess we don’t have a Claudio he can pull some of this stuff off with so in a way I get it. Fun way to burn fifteen minutes that tells a nice little story of a gnarly vet and the exciting rookie walking into the territory.

Beating the 10-Count: The best base bringing in the young flier to Reseda.



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