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The Decade in Indie: Alex Colon vs. Sami Callihan (CZW, January 7, 2011)

CZW From Small Beginnings Come Great Things

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Asylum Arena – Philadelphia, PA

Listen to the latest We Don’t Know Wrestling as Sam, Tanner, and Skyler break down their top matches through the first half of the year:

Pre-Match Thoughts: Before the match begins they run an angle backstage. The get in a schoolyard scrum. Alex Colon wants Callihan’s Best of the Best spot and Callihan gets too worked up and agrees. Maven Bentley tells the boys it is going down. I don’t think this segment happens directly before this match but they definitely pretend it does. In 2011 Sami Callihan was near untouchable so I want to watch practically all his stuff from this year. I have liked Alex Colon in the past; a small guy who bumps well and sometimes spikes a dude on his head by accident.

Match Thoughts: Feels like I need to focus on the ending of things but I suppose I will get to that. Sami works his formula here which works a vast majority of the time including here. You get stiff strikes and a deliberate pace. The quick exchange at the beginning is fire. Not sure it is worth complaining about cliches like Callihan chopping the post on the outside if Sami is stiff is fudge and Colon immediately follows up with a Slice Bread. Cliches work sometimes. Callihan didn’t sweep Colon’s legs on the apron, instead he hooked his legs with a kick and pulled. May not seem like an important difference but keeping things fresh helps these eyes. The ending though…I don’t know what to say about it. A moment where they do their own twist on a trope. How am I supposed to view a match that essentially ends with a great troll job? Colon first fakes an injury which I actually think was well done since there were multiple moments where Colon grabs his leg throughout the bout. The groundwork was there and they executed. Colon does neat backslide variations in the chaos. Then they doubled down by turning the referee’s back for a low blow. Hilariously, that didn’t end the bout. Almost like one of those fighting spirit spots where the dude gets immediately planted after kicking out and goes down for the count. Here, Sami gets kicked in the nards, kicks out to a good pop from the crowd, then Sami gets rocked with a kick for three. Of course, they booed. Hard to imagine a scenario where this wasn’t the desired reaction. Not sure I see the point in the booking office trying to put the heat on themselves. I am not CZW though. Not sure I should give credit to a bunch of neat little moments that add up. I’m totally doing it, just not sure if I should be.

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