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The Decade in Indie: AKUMA vs. Alex Colon vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Rich Swann vs. Ruckus vs. Ryan McBride (CZW, December 11, 2010)

CZW Cage of Death XII

Watch: highspotswrestlingnetwork.com

Asylum Arena – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pre-Match ThoughtsThis is a scramble match for a spot in Best of the Best. Akuma is brought to the ring by Kimber Lee. She probably should have replaced him. Going to be upfront and say scramble matches are my guilty pleasure. They are typically built upon getting pops from the crowd with enough people in the match to cut out dead air. Who needs dead air in pro wrestling? Not me. Always interested to do the “Where are they now?” on these sorts of matches. Rich Swann of course going to the WWE and becoming Cruiserweight Champion. Jonathan Gresham making tremendous strides in 2016 as far as recognition is concerned. Then you have the four other participants. Your main man Ruckus wrestling sparingly in 2016 across a weird assortment of indies. Ryan Mcbride calls Maryland Championship Wrestling home. Akuma works low level Northeast indies. Alex Colon works Rockstar Pro and CZW and Cagematch says that’s it. Huh.

Match Thoughts: The match itself is exactly what I had hoped, all spots all the time. The Gresham and McBride opening instantly makes me want to go check to see if these two go at it in singles competition. Fun technical wrestling. Alex Colon and Ruckus follow that up by doing a sweet evasion spot followed by a horrendous, in a good way, dive to nowhere by Colon. Would never recommend a wrestler do the dive to nowhere but there is a one hundred percent chance that if you commit to it I will pop. I’m going to give up going into detail as it is simply fun spots. Ruckus doing somersaults into leg scissors type of fun. There are botches, there is a dumb move where Colon forces someone to do a move one someone else, and Akuma isn’t good in this but they never stopped moving. No mess up was too big nor spot too dumb to slow things done. That would have broken the match. The winner and loser shouldn’t matter I suppose but Akuma winning felt awfully deflating. Sorry for spoiling this match from six years ago. On paper he sounds like my sort of wrestler. Heck, on Twitter he sounds like my kind of wrestler. In actually he moves like a robot and has some of the weakest looking strikes I have seen. His powerbomb even looks like an accident. As someone who is supposed to be this ass kicker, Akuma comes up short all around. Though for seven minutes this is a hoot. CZW knows how to do a scramble.

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