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Ted Petty Invitational 2006 Night 1 Review

Bless the Highspots streaming service for giving us gems like this. For me, who is a 16 year old dude that hasn’t seen a whole lot of IWA Mid-South, this stuff is gold. Quite the star studded lineup of 24 talented men in the tournament, so many guys that participated in the tournament are currently in WWE, Lucha Underground or are amongst the top independent talent on the planet. The opening match features two wrestlers who would become Lucha Underground’s top stars. With that being said let’s get right into it.

(First Round) Ricochet vs. M-Dogg 20**3/4

This was pretty decent, but came off as a very contrived match. Ricochet is so skinny here it’s unbelievable. Cross is pretty jacked here though. Darin Corbin on commentary noted that there were a total of 8 backflips in this match. Tons of athletic stuff but Ricochet was really green and wasn’t great in between his big spots. These guys pulled out a top rope reverse frankensteiner! That is pretty crazy in the year 2006.  M-Dogg picks up the win with a beautiful Shooting Star Press from the top.

(First Round) Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush***1/2

I really like Quack but Cabana doesn’t do a lot for me and it’s not because I hate comedic wrestling because I really love it, Cabana just is never wowing me with his wrestling or comedy. In this match I enjoyed both men. Colt’s comedy got bad at points but I even chuckled at points in the match especially when Colt locked in a camel-clutch and said “make you humble”. Lots of really nice submissions and reversals along with high risk moves, perfect blend of elements for a match. The finish was unreal, Quack hit a reverse frankensteiner followed by the Quacken-Driver III for the win.

(First Round) Chris Hero vs. Ricky Reyes***

This was a solid match. Nothing great but just a smartly well worked wrestling bout. Reyes sold his ass off for most of the match with Chris Hero coming off as a monster. Reyes forearm strikes looked super weak in 2006, it was a shame Hero had to sell for them. Reyes has been a solid worker for well over 10 years and whenever he wrestles it feels like a television match for some reason, just very professional. Crowd was red hot for this match, after escaping a dragon sleeper Chris Hero hits a boot followed by a standing moonsault for the win.

(First Round) Hallowicked vs. Scorpio Sky**1/2

PWG vs. Chikara in IWA-MS — oh I love mid 2000s indies. This was a fine match, just felt so sleazy but I like that. It didn’t hold my attention the entire bout but from what I saw it was solid wrestling. Hallowicked pinned Sky with a top rope fisherman’s buster!

(First Round) Erick Stevens vs. Trik Davis***1/2

I don’t know much about either man so this was my first time seeing either guys perform. Erick was working heel and the crowd was behind the very young Davis. I loved this match, old school elements of heat and hope spots alongside very nice offence from both guys. This match built great and really got Trik over as a babyface for me. Trik caught Stevens in a reverse prawn hold for the win! Excellent professional wrestling match.

(First Round) Chris Bosh vs. El Generico****

PWG offer match, haha I made myself laugh. This was a fantastic match, I loved it so much and may be one of the best IWA-MS matches I have seen. You sort of expected it going in because both men are PWG performers but man this was a helluva battle. So many insane reversals and moves, this was the Ospreay/Andrews of 10 years ago. Generico is so amazing and still is, Bosh looks like trash which plays well into his gimmick but I don’t know what he’s doing these days. The finish was crazy. Generico flipped out of a sunset flip powerbomb and nailed a dropkick followed by the Yakuza kick, and lastly hit a top rope brainbuster!!!!

(First Round) Jigsaw vs. Davey Richards**1/2

This was fine. Very dodgy at some moments mainly from Jigsaw. Jigsaw is great now, but man he wasn’t very good in this match at all. Davey Richards thinks he’s main eventing Sumo Hall with his little Steve Williams robe and using offence strictly from 1994 All Japan. Davey was good in this match but these two didn’t mesh well together. Some cool spots but in the end Richards won via the AT lock.

(First Round) Brandon Thomaselli vs. Roderick Strong**1/2

This was a well worked match, Thomaselli impressed me here and worked very hard. He is very athletic for a guy that is chubby, Strong was Strong and Strong being Strong is always Strong. In a suprising finish to the match, Strong pinned Thomaselli with a Tiger Driver. Nothing great but everything looked good.

(First Round) Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli***1/2

Very good match between these two and it’s crazy that just over 5 months ago they wrestled at SummerSlam. I didn’t like Claudio wearing his suit but his work more than makes up for it. Claudio’s uppercuts were put over like the tombstone in this match, good stuff. Lots of big moves and the crowd loved it. The match went just under 10 minutes. Claudio wins with a roaring European uppercut.

(First Round) Gran Akuma vs. Low Ki***1/4

I was putting off watching this match for a few days because Akuma does nothing for me (I have only seen his Chikara work). This was a very long match, around 18 minutes, but the time flew by — I really liked this match. I also figured out why I am not the fondest of Akuma. He always looks like a deer in the headlights and is always trying to remember what spot is next. It was blatantly obvious that he was talking to Low Ki very loud as well. At points it got sloppy but I like to see 2 guys beat the shit out of one another and that is exactly what this match gave to me. Low Ki won with a Ki-Krusher followed by a double stomp.

(First Round) Delirious vs. Scott Lost***1/4

What an odd match on paper. I haven’t seen a ton of Delirious but when I have, he has never really blew me away. Lost was super underrated, it sucks he doesn’t work anymore because Scott was very talented. Another very solid match, Delirious impressed me with his mat work and strikes. Lots of moves and not a lot of selling but it worked, the match had a great flow to it. After 10 minutes Lost taps out to the cobra clutch.

(First Round) Arik Cannon vs. B-Boy***1/2

I enjoy both guys work a ton but this is a very weird choice for the main event. It’s a shame neither of these guys ever got a run with a big time promotion, especially Cannon. He has a lousy body but his body of work is sub par. I loved this fight. Another match where the participants just killed each other with head drops and strikes. This was definitely a strong style match. Cannon gave B-Boy an Ishii like headbutt! Cannon worked on B-Boy’s neck the entire match which played into the finish were he hit B-Boy with a brainbuster and the ‘Warlock’ (enziguri) for the win.

That wraps up Night 1 of the 2006 Ted Petty Invitational; a very solid show with no DUDS whatsoever. I can’t believe the show only drew 150 fans as the talent on this show was insane. I will eventually review all 3 nights of this tournament but it’s hard to find 3 hours to watch wrestling when I already am so behind on a ton of stuff. This show took me 7 days to watch but I highly recommend this event. A very easy to watch show.


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