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The Definitive Guide to Wrestling Streaming Services

The following index is a list of wrestling streaming services available currently, with pricing and a description. First up are active/pay per month for new content subscriptions and after comes misc. and retro services. Note that this does NOT include “a la carte” style services such as Smart Mark Video.

WWE Network – Price: $9.99 per month

You’ve all been lectured in various forms about this service for nearly three years now. It’s as simple as can be and is the most popular wrestling streaming service in the world. You’re likely to already have this. Every WWE, WCW and ECW PPV along with every current PPV, Talking Smack, pre-shows, etc, it’s an insane value for your money. Pending on how big a WWE fan you are, it’s likely you are to have this anyway because of the amazing archive that continues to grow at a steady rate (focusing on a set thing at a time, for example, 2007 SmackDown right now). There’s nothing else to say.

NJPW World – Price: ¥999 per month

NJPW World is the standard bearer for pro wrestling streaming media in my humble opinion. Not only does it have the best media player in the market, but it also has Chromecast support (with neat screen savers when you’re not streaming something)! It is the only major subscription service in wrestling that accepts PayPal. With Google Translate the product is fluid to navigate with tabs for documentaries, a schedule of upcoming live streams, tags of everyone ever featured in matches on the service, and an incredibly useful catalog dating newest to oldest of events. From there you can click on an event and you either get the full show or streams of matches on those events. You combine all of this and you get the best value, best working service, and an all around great addition to the streaming service market. With the RealHero Puroresu Drive in full effect as well, it’s never been a better time to be a puroresu fan than now.

FloSlam – Price: $20.00 per month or $150.00 per year with access to all FloSports verticals

FloSlam is apart of the FloSlam Network of verticals, partnered with WWN Live to house its entire library dating back to 2003. Every month you get EVOLVE, SHINE, Style Battle, FIP, ACW, and during WrestleMania weekend–WWN Supershow, all airing live. Other promotions partnered with thus far include: PWX, Beyond Wrestling, wXw, OTT Wrestling and more. There will be times where shows are aired on “live VOD” which means there’s a select air date for a show, then it hits VOD afterwards. Other than the fantastic expansive partnerships it hones, FloSlam works well on mobile devices and (basically) game consoles except for aspect ratio problems. There are no apps for it currently but they are on Apple TV and Roku. No native Chromecast support yet. It’s an absolute steal no matter what payment plan you go about.

Highspots Wrestling Network – Price: $9.99 per month

This is the best bang for your buck out of any service in the world. Not only do you get the full archives of PWG, PWX and more, but you get so many current wrestling shows. From Pro Wrestling Revolver to Northeast Wrestling to all the Highspots Shoots, plus archives of IWA Mid-South, obscure things like Elix Skipper seminars and Ozark Wrestling; we’ve got ourselves a jackpot winner. You can dive into the service for hours at a time on end and you will never be bored. This is the indie wrestling mecca. If you’re a follower of the current scene, you NEED to get your subscription today.

Stardom World – Price: $6.49 per month

This is the best service oversees that caters towards us English speaking fans. The shows’ productions have nameplates for everyone, pre and post match interviews are translated, there are mini-series’ following gaijin that you may be more familiar with that can help you learn more about the Japanese talent. This is a perfect service that chops the typical price in half, and if you are looking to get into joshi (or to broaden your wrestling knowledge) — this is the service for you. I’ve never had a problem with it. The only downfall is that shows are not uploaded in full, rather the matches are uploaded one at a time. The schedule can get a little confusing, but when that’s the major downfall, it’s a great service.

Beyond Demand – Price: $9.99 per month

Beyond Demand is one of the better streaming services in the world. Events are released within days, extra shoot interviews and add-ons like a GRRR from a festival (being uploaded at the same pace as a special attraction) make you feel special as a subscriber. It’s the most consistent “media based” subscription because it’s ran through YouTube as YouTube is supported by anything and everything. The raw footage shows are upped even quicker. You have multiple options per show and per archive. It’s a 10/10 service.

CHIKARAtopia – Price: $7.99 per month and/or 1 week free trial

CHIKARAtopia is the strongest US indie service sans Beyondemand. It has Roku and Chromecast support. It has every CHIKARA event ever with only a slight delay for new event drops. It’s the ideal indie service and one that any CHIKARA fan should get. There’s also a 24/7 live stream that CHIKARA is now using for iPPVs included with your subscription as well. There’s a 7 day free trial if you want to test the waters before doing anything.

PROGRESS on Demand – Price: $6.49 per month (use code PWP99CENT to get a 99 cent month)

PROGRESS on Demand has been a standard-barer in converting people not in the UK to British wrestling fans again. Their content goes up lightning fast at a rate of about a week after each show. There are also extras sprinkled in everywhere. There’s no excuse to ignore the service as something being great. With the PWP code you can try it out for virtually free for a month. You also get Smash Wrestling’s shows with your subscription because of the working agreement between the two. The Chapters are all in order, the PivotShare player works perfect when you zoom out to 90% on a desktop, and it’s surprisingly Chromecast enabled. With their biggest show ever dropping soon, it’s a better time than ever to sign up.

DDT Universe – Price: Roughly $8.50 per month

DDT Universe is Dramatic Dream Team’s brand new streaming service, set to launch near the end of the month. It will include all promotions under the DDT umbrella including DNA, BASARA, Ganbare and Tokyo Joshi Pro. All Korakuen Hall and Sumo Hall shows will be streamed live, with more coming in the future. President Sanshiro Takagi even mentioned that they will be producing ‘unique’ original content, even spanning the reality TV market. All of this is so DDT, you just know it’ll be above and beyond the 900 yen per month they’ll be charging, which equates to just above $8.50 right now USD.

wXw Now – Price: €9.99 per month

wXw Now is the newest streaming service in this bubble, yet it’s simple and effective. Using Vimeo as its base, it has a well thought out service website, with straight forward categories and thumbnails. When you click on the video it launches a Vimeo player (which is arguably the best media player out of the big YouTube, Dailymotion, etc services). It also supports Chromecast and a multitude of apps and devices. They have a schedule up at all times explaining what is dropping when which is essential to a service. With everything they produce uploaded on a weekly basis, as well as English commentary on retro/new releases, wXw Now is a smart investment as you’re supporting a great service and the best under the radar company in the world.

Revolution Pro on Demand – Price: $8.49 per month

RevPro on Demand is something I personally don’t subscribe to, but it’s a sound service much like PROGRESS’. RevPro books more dream matches and “super matches” in PWG-esque fashion compared to PROGRESS’ amazing storytelling and still-big matchups. If you want to check out RevPro, home to Katsuyori Shibata as champion, with the world famous York Hall shows happening a few times a year; $8.49 per month ain’t a bad investment. It’s the exact same interface as PROGRESS on Demand (along with many Pivotshare services) as the only thing that separates this from the other is the retro selection. There are Bryan Danielson, Devitt, and more matches up for binging as the company has had a fairly long standing relationship with NJPW. 

Smash Wrestling on Demand – Price: $7.50 per month

Smash Wrestling is a very fun company out of Canada in which you can only trace back a few years. They’re a newer company, but by building household names such as Tarik while combing that with outside buzzworthy indie talents, they’ve created one of the more unique products in not only Canada, but North America. Their feuds are always good-great, the shows are easy to digest, and as always down this list–Pivotshare is the base for the service. You also get PROGRESS’ recent shows with your subscription because of the working agreement between the two. it’s a hell of a steal for $7.50.

CZW Studios – Price: $9.99 per month

CZW Studios is NEAT! I really like what they’re doing with the service. They’re doing a great job of combining shoots/podcasts, retro releases and all the current iPPVs into one. The delay isn’t that bad at all with current shows, you can search retro shows by year (a lot are going up) and you can learn quite a lot about the roster via the Black and Yellow Podcast among other features. You also get to hear my boy Emil Jay on commentary a lot of the time! It’s a nice investment if you can muster up the strength to feel the power of Cee Zee Dubya.

WhatCulture Extra – Price: $6.99 and/or 1 week free trial

WhatCulture Extra grants you access to every WCPW iPPV as well as every episode of Loaded on Fridays (before the Saturday YouTube airdate). It’s a nice cheap way to support WCPW and peep everything as it happens, even getting an advantage when it comes to Loaded.

UK Wrestling on Demand – Price: £3.99 per month

This is a straight up steal. First off, you get to watch the “lost” Sabre Jr. vs. Danielson match from 2008. On top of that you get access to every Pro Wrestling CHAOS event and its archives, as well as other retro Triple X Wrestling titles. It’s a cheap service reliant on one match plus a good current selection plus some interesting archives like Sabre Jr., Marty Scurll, Rockstar Spud and Jimmy Havoc in 2008.

ICW on Demand – Price: $6.99 per month

I do not like ICW. I do not like ICW’s product. I do not like their selection of content. I am only listing this for sake of listing everything. If you’re a fan of ICW, cool, you probably should look into getting this if you don’t have it already.

WAVE Network – Price: $7.89 per month

Funnily priced higher than Stardom World, this is the best option to watch WAVE joshi. It has a gaining archive full of events plus all the current releases. It uses the same player as NJPW World and Stardom World. That’s all there is to it. If you’re a hardcore women’s wrestling/joshi fan, this is another option on the buffet table.

Women’s Wrestling Network – Price: $9.99 per month

While the price is extremely steep, this is the place to be if you’re a hardcore women’s wrestling fan. This is essentially the Highspots Wrestling Network for women’s content. Singular match uploads, joshi compilations, Queens of Combat shows, WSU, and more are all showcased as part of the bundle. Not a bad get, but something I don’t see worth the money when a lot of these things are included elsewhere. Only if you’re a hardcore women’s wrestling fan do I suggest you picking this up as part of your streaming collection.

Southside on Demand – Price: $7.99 per month

Southside are a heavily debated promotion in the UK, yet generally put on solid-good shows. I have been a fan of them on and off, but there’s no doubt there are fun matches booked not only in the past but in the future like Will Ospreay vs. Lio Rush. They have a Vimeo page (which once again gets the benefit of being a great media base) and have countless shows already up. It’s only been recently launched. I look forward to it growing. Check it out if you want to extend your UK viewing.

Future Shock Wrestling – Price: Roughly $5.13 per month

Future Shock Wrestling is a neat promotion in the UK that regularly uploads all their content to the Vimeo on Demand platform. Guys like Zack Gibson and T-Bone are at the foundation of the promotion. For a cheap half-off than usual services price, it’s not a bad addition to your watching schedule. They’re on the up and up.

IPW: UK – Price: $7.95 per month

If you’re a hardcore follower of the UK indie scene, you should ideally pick this up. IPW releases their shows quickly, and it’s on the all too familiar Pivotshare platform. Not the cheapest, but if you want to round-out your collection, this is a solid pickup.

Hoodslammery – Price: $1.99 per month

This uses YouTube and HOODSLAM live streams shows through it. You also get a huge archive of shows. Even for $2 a month, or if you just want to pay one time and check out their archives, it’s a steal for the California based wacky company.

4FW – Price: $7.50 per month

4FW is one of the most bizarre promotions in the world out of the UK. For example they continually book Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Kotaro Suzuki, mixing them in with UK talent and other imports like Kenny Omega. They have a limited show selection, but if you like weird “supercards” then give the few marquee shows a shot on Pivotshare. I don’t see this being a big service in the future nor worth the investment though. It’s more a one month shot to me.

Monster Factory on Demand – Price: $4.99 per month (use code MONSTERFACTORY1 to get a free YEAR)

There’s not much to say about this one. Most of the stuff on here is on YouTube anyways. You get to see Matt Riddle matches and other notable names like guys from ROH. It’s a solid promotion and all around decent service. You can get it legally free for a year. Take advantage of it.

Misc. Pivotshare Services and Retro Services

ROH Ringside Membership ($7.99 per month)

AIW on Demand ($7.99 per month)

AAW on Demand ($7.99 per month, all of this is on Highspots Wrestling Network mostly)

ECCW ($4.99 per month)

TNA Wrestling Plus ($4.99 per month and/or 14 day free trial)

NWA on Demand ($8.99 per month and/or 1 week free trial)

TCW Wrestling ($4.99 per month)

Rockstar Pro ($7.99 per month and/or 2 week free trial)

Maryland Championship Wrestling ($4.99 per month and/or 1 month free trial)

WXW Wrestling (Afa’s promotion) ($4.99 per month)

World Stars of Wrestling ($9.99 per month)

Monster Pro Wrestling ($4.99 per month and/or 1 week free trial)

ECWA Wrestling ($4.99 per month)

Covey Pro Wrestling ($4.99 per month)

OTW Classic Pro Wrestling ($4.99 per month)

And there you have it. The price of all of these services per month combined?


That is the definitive guide to every wrestling streaming service on the market. Did I miss one? Is one launching soon? Let me know at @TraskWWW so I can update this.

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