Stardom X-Stardom Review (7/16/2017)

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Stardom X-Stardom on July 16, 2017

Watch: Stardom World

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

I am watching the Samurai TV version of the show, so some of the matches will be clipped.

We open with a video package recapping the World of Stardom Title No. 1 Contender, Yoko Bito’s career; it is incredibly well done.

AZM vs. Hanan vs. Ruaka**

This could have been more clipped, this should have been more clipped. The work wasn’t bad. Heck, these tween girls did better than a lot of beginner adult wrestlers, but nothing of note really happened, though all three wrestlers showed good confidence for their ages. I doubt the full match would change the rating. AZM wins, as she should, being a member of Stardom’s top heel faction. Post-match, Hanan & AZM talk some smack.

Tam Nakano, a freelancer, made an appearance and cut a promo, saying that she would like to join the Stardom roster.

Natsuko Tora vs. Shiki Shibusawa**

Shiki Shibusawa is making her debut in this match. Shiki is 27, older than the average Stardom rookie. This gets the video package treatment; it’s done well. Jeebus, Shiki got a lot of streamers today.

Shiki got a lot of offense in her debut, with Tora selling it well. The crowd was hot for this match, though the moves were mostly basic, as Shiki is a rookie. This was a breeze to get through and easily watchable if you want to see how Shiki looked in her debut. Natsuko Tora wins. As with the opener, I doubt the full match would change my star rating. Post-match, they show respect and both bow to the crowd.

Shiki cuts a very emotional post-match promo in the interview area.

Mary Apache, Gabby Ortiz & Xia Brookside vs. Hiromi Mimura, Starlight Kid & KonamiNR

Mary Apache will be with Stardom for the next few months, as her daughter will be training with Stardom.

Seeing Mary dwarf Hiromi during a lockup is awesome. There was a very creative rolling surfboard spot done that looked insane, and the sequence with Mary Apache wrecking Starlight Kid was great! I would not assume Starlight Kid is only 15 based on what I saw from this match, she looked fully comfortable in that ring. The match is clipped, so the focus is mainly on Mary, where they focus on making her come off as a beast, which the faces need to be smart and use teamwork to overcome, or get stretched to death in a torture rack. which gives this a clear story that is executed well. Unfortunately, the match is clipped, so no rating, though what I saw, I really liked. Mary gets the win for her team.

High Speed Title Match: Kris Wolf (c) vs. Shanna***1/4

This was very good. The most noticeable thing about this match was that everything felt like a struggle, like a real fight, which is a situation I don’t see Kris Wolf in often. That intensity helped make all the moves feel impactful. The pacing was good, too, escalating in a way that made me get more invested in the match. The finish came out of nowhere, but was also believable. A good title match. Shanna defeats Kris Wolf to become the new High Speed Champion. 

Goddesses of Stardom Title Match: Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura & Kagetsu) (c) vs. Jungle Kyona & HZK***3/4

This was amazing! The match was hard-hitting, had good heat segments, HZK got to show off babyface fire for once & Kyona had a great hot tag. Oedo Tai have really grown into their own as champs, feeling like an actual threat instead of the comedic stable they were in a past life. The Jungle/Kagetsu sequences were the best part, making me really want a singles clash between them; watch this! Oeda Tai retains.

Post-match, Oedo Tai calls out Tam Nakano and they tell her she should join Oedo Tai. They bring her to the ring & Tam looks really perplexed by them and it is amazing.

World of Stardom Title Match: Mayu Iwatani (c) vs. Yoko Bito****1/4

Similar to the High Speed Title Match, everything had a sense of struggle, making the match feel intense; like a big title fight. Mayu played a great champ with nonstop offense, while Yoko played the smart striker who waited for openings to hit some brutal kicks. The head kicks in particular looked like they could kill. The teased suplexes were tense & impressive. While Mayu was her normal awesome self in this match, Yoko more than held her own in the main event setting, keeping up with Mayu’s fast-paced offense all the way, and I was very impressed. Watch this! Mayu retains.

Post-match, Mayu shows Yoko some respect, and Kagetsu shows up and positions herself as the next challenger.

  • Great - 8/10


The undercard was easily watchable, the title matches were all awesome, and I have intrigue over the next big show. Easy thumbs up from me.



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