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Stardom Galaxy Stars Review (06/21/2017)

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Stardom Galaxy Stars on June 21, 2017

Watch: Stardom World

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Note: I watched the Stardom World version of this show.

5-Minute Ironman Match: Ruaka & Rina vs. Hanan & Hina**

This match is not on the Samurai TV Version. Samurai TV viewers will live.

Surprisingly solid match between children, no DTU kids’ stuff, but still an acceptable wrestling match. These little girls show potential, but they are also children so it probably won’t lead to much. The judo backgrounds of Rina, Hanan & Hina all showed to produce a watchable match. Time limit draw at 1-1.

Starlight Kid vs. Hetzza*1/2

Hettza’s Spanish. pre-match promo gets no subtitles.

This is Starlight Kid’s return match, as she had to take some time off to focus on school

Starlight Kid is 14, Hettza is an adult. Starlight Kid looked better then Hettza, but not by much. You could tell both competitors are green. Kid & Hettza need experienced wrestlers to work with; this is just a scenario made for them to fail and look bad, too many awkward exchanges. At least the match was short. Starlight Kid gets the win in a match that wasn’t as good as an opener featuring 12 and under kids.

Queen's Quest (AZM & HZK) vs. Shanna & Gabby Ortiz**1/2

AZM & HZK looked like good heels while the foreigners did an OK job gaining sympathy. Gabby is green, but looks better than most rookies at this stage of her career, and Shanna did a good job holding the match together and adding clean, crisp work to a solid tag match with everyone looking good in ring. The result is whack, with Shanna pinning AZM, as it just makes Queen’s Quest look really weak if they can’t beat a new team.

Yoko Bito, Hiromi Mimura & Konami vs. Rebel, Natsuko Tora & Kaori Yoneyama*3/4

Bito has returned with some beautiful new gear! The match itself was OK, but very hollow, like a house show match. There was no overarching story to the match, no drama, no stakes to the match, just some moves & then the match ended. I could barely remember a thing that happened in this match by the end of the show.

Artist of Stardom Title Match: Team Jungle (Jungle Kyona & Hiroyo Matsumoto) (c) vs. Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura & Kagetsu)***1/2

Amazingly fun pre-match promo where the champs talk about eating their challengers.

Dope tag match with great control segments & comebacks, along with some innovative offense from the champs. I could believe either team had a chance at winning in a match that never slowed down. Kagetsu looks great in her return, with a new look, and debuted a bad-ass new finisher, the Oedo Coaster (450 Splash) to get the win for her team.

Post-match, Oedo Tai cut a promo celebrating the title win, with Kagetsu noting that she has won the titles with Hana’s mom, Kyoko Kimura as the old Oedo Tai, and that they are the new Oedo Tai, while the now former champs cut a promo saying they will win their tag titles back.

World of Stardom Championship Match: Io Shirai (c) vs. Mayu Iwatani****

Io has been champ for over 500 days, on her 15th title defense, with Mayu getting her third title shot. Mayu is also Io’s former tag partner, but Io betrayed her, believing Mayu to be a weak link. A lot is riding on Mayu to show that she has grown and become strong enough to become the new ace of Stardom.

The match told a clear and simple story of Mayu having to survive all of Io’s offense, which was done well, with Io putting Mayu over throughout the match, and Mayu having to dig down deep and use her best moves to win. There was an out of ring brawl in the middle of the match that was done OK, though nothing that affected the match much to me, bar the obligatory balcony dive, which is still crazy. The closing stretch had me biting at the near falls, we even got a finisher steal at one point & a Kairi Hojo reference. Io worked this match with a neck injury, and you could tell with the brutal bumps being less frequent this time around, though there was still enough to keep the bloodthirsty, action-loving part of my brain happy.

I enjoyed this less than the Gold & Year End Matches, as I felt the overall action could not be matched, making me a little disappointed while watching. That’s not to say this is a bad match, this is a great match that I recommend, this match is just a victim of having to follow the other amazing Io/Mayu matches. I’m still happy I watched this, and bit on a few near falls despite knowing the result beforehand.

Post-match, we get a nice, wholesome celebration with Io putting over Mayu as the new ace & Mayu enjoying her new belt. Yoko Bito & Kagetsu both come out, staking their claim for a title shot; Mayu accepts Yoko’s challenge first, as Mayu has yet to beat Yoko.


  • Good - 7/10


The title matches were great, but boy was that undercard rough. So many rookies & Rebel that still need to improve. I’m sure the Stardom roster can survive, and this opens it up for Yoko, Konami, etc. to get a push for the new Mayu-led era of Stardom. I recommend watching the title matches, just skip everything else & watch Samurai Jack instead.



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